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  1. I tried using a 5GHz, just because i wanted to see the absolute best my CPU could do. I would never run at this speed normally, the max temp got during the tests was 70C. The improvement isn't worth the temp increase, so once i finished i changed it back to 4.8GHz immediately. CPU: i5 7600k @5.0GHz FM17 Benchmark A: 2 minutes 39 Seconds FM17 Benchmark B: 5 minutes 23 Seconds I got a 2 second improvement from A, and somehow i got 14 seconds faster in B.
  2. As soon as I saw this thread I wanted to see how my Kaby Lake i5 7600k stood up against the Skylake i7s. It faired quite well, but not what I was expecting. CPU: I5 7600K, I couldn't be bothered waiting for zen anymore, I hope I don't regret it. CPU Frequency: 4.8GHz, The CPU is a frequency monster. I can push it easily to 5GHz, but I get 90C after 5 minutes on 100% load with my Kraken x42 CPU cooler. Ram: 16GB Corsair dominator DDR4 @ 2600MHz (it's quad channel ram in a dual channel board, I don't think it makes a difference) OS: Windows 10 64bit Storage: Cheap 500gb SanDisk SSD. FM 17 Benchmark A: 2 minutes 49 seconds @4.6GHz (Funnily enough exactly the same as eple's i7 at a similar frequency) 2 minutes 41 seconds @4.8GHz still couldn't be the other i7 (might be because of the NVMe SSD and faster ram) FM 17 Benchmark B: 5 minutes 37 seconds @ 4.8GHz (Blown away by both i7s, no idea why, considering it was on par in the first) Hyper-threading definitely has a much greater influence in the second test, no doubt an NVMe SSD helps out a lot as well. I could repeat benchmark B, but the results would most likely stay the same. Overall I'm pleased.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I guess its just chance than, i'll be pretty mad if don't get to prove myself. It wouldn't feel right carrying on the save if i just reload, so i'll let the game decide. I quite liked Tim Sherwood before this, but if he takes my job, my new goal in FM16 would be to make his life a misery. I'll probably post how it goes.
  4. So im about 20 games into my first season, I've found a tactic where i can win 70+% of games, I'm top of the league by 10+ points already, Im certain we'll get promoted. I knew there was going to a takeover because i had a previous message. But the next message says if the takeover does happen they will hire Tim Sherwood, i have no idea why when Im top of the league. Ive never managed to get Leeds promoted in any FM game, i usually get sacked after a few seasons. Now I'm finally top of the league, if i get sacked because of a takeover i'm actually going to cry. I know the consortium takeover isn't certain, but if it does happen will they definitely sack me and hire Tim Sherwood?
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