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  1. wow. not even one reply, not even the damn host. absolute shocker. well i fixed it myself. i configured switchable graphics, saved power on the fm.exe and its now working. the new update has messed things up big time. first time i have ever had a problem with this game and ive been playing it for 20+years from the cm days.
  2. i cant even get into the game to look at my preferences, thanks for the help though
  3. i start to load the game and shortly after i receive a football manager has stopped working message, tried all the stages and nothing seems to work DxDiag.txt
  4. i to am experiencing the same crash on the loading page. been lioke this for four days now to now avail
  5. Thx handstar. I am in the vanarama south
  6. Additional focus for the players doesn't have positioning or off the ball as a choice anymore. Why? Or is it else where
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