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  1. Why has this not been patched yet it is by far one of the worst bugs FM as ever seen. Please watch the video <link removed>
  2. What computer specs have you got mate What computer specs are you using mate
  3. Its quite shocking that Football manager still suffers with kit clash's and it 2020 i really hope these stupid little bugs that ruin the gamer are sorted out for 20-21
  4. The ipc of the amd fx-9590 even at 5ghz is terrible and would not touch no modern cpu from intel or amd and football manager relies so much on single core performance and only utilises all cores when the detail level is on all
  5. I have just upgraded my cpu and gpu to i7 9700k and a rtx 2070 and 32gb 3200mhz ram and it is installed on a 1tb XPG SX 8200 nvme drive and i have done this because i am tired of having to upgrade components after 1-2 years so i had the next 5 years in mind for football manager so i just want some other opinions to make sure that my setup will be good for the next 4-5 years Thanks
  6. Wow what kind of ? is that it's like what a high school pupil would ask
  7. Yes mate i do play loads of other games like metro exodus and call of duty that's why i have the rtx 2070 but i am a mad FM freak so i just wanted to put something together that i new was going to run it flawlessly
  8. This is mine i5 8600k at 4.8ghz 16 gig of ddr4 3200mhz RTX 2070 msi ventus Nvme drive adata xpg sx8200 pro 1t My main monitor is aoc 24g2u 144hz
  9. I have an i5 8600k at 4.8ghz with 16gig of 3000mhz ram and an rtx 2070 will there be any point upgrading my cpu to an i7 9700k as more games are now taking advantage of more cores or is my i5 8600k at 4.8ghz fine for now Thank you
  10. My CPU overclock was actually 5GHz when i run the test sorry for any inconvenience so if you could please correct the chart to 5GHz overclock sorry again
  11. That's what i have been getting mate it is really bad for a game to crash so much
  12. I'm even running a i5 8600k at 4.8ghz and that still flies i have like 15 to 20 nations loaded and and i have every league active what makes it about 50-60 leagues loaded and i custom load players as swell that take the player count up to about 120.000
  13. That's exactly the same as what i do but i load in some custom players as well in the advanced bit
  14. it's shocking how poor this game is optimised and si can't even fix these issues very poor
  15. Type: Desktop (Custom Made) CPU Model: i5 8600k CPU Base Frequency : 3.6GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 5GHz Overclocked (all core) RAM: 16 GB DDR4 Corsair vengeance RAM Clockspeed: 3200MHz GPU: RTX 2060 Zotac Storage Type: PCIe M.2 SSD Samsung evo 970 500gb OS: Windows 10 Pro 1909 x64 Benchmark A - 51 seconds Benchmark B - 5 mins 51 seconds Benchmark C - 6 mins 9 seconds
  16. again a massive update and still not fixed Hopeless just totally useless it makes the game look so amateurist
  17. As i said many times it happens when i have google open on my other monitor i feel we ain't getting nowhere hear so i'm just gonna leave it now as i feel you's have no idea what the problem is witch isn't a first
  18. just in a match but it only happens when i have google open i don't know if it is because 1 monitor is 75hz and my main monitor is 144hz but it is game breaking for me tbf
  19. Already done that i rolled back 2 versions of drivers so in all i tried 3 versions and every single version done exactly the same thing
  20. Why has this still not been fixed it looks totally stupid a central midfielder in the defensive midfielder position, an attacking mid in a central mid position and an inside forward in wide midfielder position why would si want there game to look like that it makes it look very novice looking
  21. Thank god because that is a bad UI problem that they missed it actually amazes me that how they could release such a big patch but then cause other major bugs and problems and all so miss a lot of fixes
  22. no i don't have that ticked because i thought that was what was causing it to revert mate
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