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  1. Does anyone know the difference between these two laptops? (Other than the dramatic price difference) https://www.ebuyer.com/805723-hp-250-g6-i7-laptop-2sy44es-2sy44es-abu https://www.ebuyer.com/793847-hp-250-g6-i7-laptop-1wy37ea-1wy37ea-abu thanks
  2. Just out of interest - has anyone ordered from Box.co.uk before? I keep getting a "there was a technical problem with your order" message when I try to purchase from them...
  3. I got excited for a second then, but unfortunately these prices are excluding VAT, once you add the VAT it works out £20 more than the original link.
  4. Haven’t ordered it yet, looks like that’s the one I’ll be going for. Will keep you updated once it arrives and I get going on it 👍🏻
  5. I'm thinking I'll take this HP one back, and then buy the one you linked. I couldn't live with myself knowing i couldve got an i7 instead of an i5 and double the SSD... Side note: My laptop is always really loud - sounds like a turbo jet is taking off, always has since new. Is there anything I can do to prevent it if my new one is the same? I don't want people on the train/plane looking at me annoyed.
  6. Ahhh I literally got the laptop last night, now I wish I held off and waited! That laptop you’ve linked looks so much better - and has the 15.6” screen!
  7. My current laptop was £650 and ran FM fine when I first got it, is only slowing down now because it’s getting old. I will let everyone know how I get on!
  8. That does look like a good laptop, however a bit out of my price range since I’d only be using it for one thing - FM during comutes. I was hoping to spend no more than £600 really, so I went on PC World and put in my requirements for the weight and battery life and those were the best three under £600. The perfect scenario would be that either of those will run FM okay, I can nip into my local PC World today and buy one, then use it next weekend on the plane to Tenerife! EDIT: Thanks for your help so far, appreciate it.
  9. Hi Smurf, yeah I saw the processor was the same in all three laptops, they’re all pretty similar. Do you think either of them would be fine for what I need? It’s souly for FM on train/plane journeys. Thanks.
  10. I have had my current laptop for 4-5 years now and it's slowing down, I need a new laptop souly for Football Manager and it absolutely HAS to be lightweight and have good battery as I'm regularly on long train journeys and sometimes on a plane so it'll be in my hand luggage. I'm not looking to spend too much as it will literally just be for FM, maybe sometimes play movies off an external hard drive (so I'm not clogging the laptop up with unneeded files). I've found the following on PC world, I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on them? (Disclaimer: I rarely end up in a long FM save,
  11. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/asus-e200ha-11-6-laptop-gold-10141735-pdt.html Portable and good battery life, but will it run it?
  12. Found this laptop cheap in the sales and although I have a good laptop it's big and heavy where as this one I've found is small, weighs only 1KG and has 8hr battery life so I can use it on the train commuting to and from work etc. I don't mind playing on minimum settings but I do want the 3D match engine. Here is the laptop: http://www.argos.co.uk/product/5163519
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