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  1. Given the fact that this kind of thread pops up like every two days year after year, I'm wondering why nobody ever came up with a tactic that scores five out of five shots every game.
  2. General build-up play doesn't look exactly earth-shatteringly different from 16. Still every pass has to close the distance to the goal. I'll retain my skeptisicm.
  3. Which is why I'm not going to bother preordering this year. Gonna have a look at gameplay footage, reviews and, more importantly, the mood in the forums first. Should the match engine turn out to be the same thing as in 16, a.k.a. Monkey Aerobics Simulator, I'll wait until January to see if things got better. Until then, I'm happy to downupgrade to FM13, because I like football.
  4. Except that any verbal representation of abilities is always going to be relative, and you don't know what it is being related to. Messi's defensive contribution may be enough for a Sunday League side to use him as a holding midfielder, but when the same team gets a player from youth intake with "godly" ball control skills, they won't be able to tell how good their player is relative to Championship or Premier League players.
  5. Except this isn't true in every case. The DFB guidelines on player development, for instance, encourage players up until the Under-17 stage to try out as many positions as they like, to find those that they feel natural in. Positional skill and tactical refinement really kicks in after that, at around 16-17 years of age. Which makes perfect sense when coming from a biological point of view: at 14-15 years, the male body isn't yet fully developed, and more often than not, you'll find late a growth phase in this age, so that your 14-year-old who was rather large in his age group ends up being 5'7" after growing out. This leaves youth development in this age range in a weird spot, since at this point, you know what the players' preferred foot is and how he's doing technically, but can't really deduct whether he is going to be able to physically fit into the position you've had in mind for him - see "central defender, 5ft 7". What'd really give me a youth development nerd boner (which sounds horrifyingly creepy, I admit): instead of assigning your youth academy players "green" positions from the beginning, have them start with a broader range of "yellow" positions, with maybe a couple "dark green" ones indicating the player's favourite position. And then, judging his technical, mental and physical attributes, develop him "by hand" on the position(s) you want. Seems doable within the current youth player generation system, and would be much closer to the real life youth development process.
  6. Borussia Dortmund, because it's my club and I end up putting at least 400 hours into them every single release. Really curious about how their massive talent (Passlack, Guerreiro, Mor, Dembele, Pulisic) is going to turn out in the game this year.
  7. That's the paradox we have to cope with - there's too many variables bound into too few settings. It's good that you brought up Guardiola. By vertical positioning as well as "total football" contribution of the whole team, his play style is all Very Fluid. But in terms of positioning and the allowed deviation from a player's position in relation to the ball, he's playing as structured as football ever gets. It makes no sense tieing behavioral instructions to basic positioning.
  8. It's definitely not about not being sure, au contraire, mon amour. This is about knowing exactly what you want and how you want it, but being unable to reproduce it within a "football" "simulation" that's not yet left the 1990s.
  9. This is being brought up every year since they botched the tactics screen in FM14 (?). And my answer's always the same: if you, as a manager, kept your instructions to such a generalized, unspecific and ambiguous standard, you'd be on food stamps after three weeks. The level of depth FM offers is alright for your average Sunday League game - although, if I wanted to be cynical I could say that Sunday League managers at least have a chalkboard available. Hasn't got much to do with professional football though. Sadly.
  10. Then why not make it unequivocally clear what each and every setting does? Hiding basic information behind ambiguous descriptions is just bad gameplay and interface design. First-year CS students learn to keep things clear and obvious. As long as the game, mechanically, simulates certain aspects of play by using certain arbitrary values, why not make them available to everyone then? By the way, speaking of defensive lines and shape and vertical compactness: where's the pivot? Where does the formation orientate itself at? Where's everyone going to position himself when playing Very Fluid, Deeper Defensive Line, but with a Poacher? Will the striker drop deep, or will the d-line push high to keep everything "Very Fluid"? Hope you succeed to understand the problem.
  11. You forgot the most crucial step in the whole process: "Forget everything you know about football and treat the game like you would treat any other game. Play it as if you'd play Kirby's Dreamland. Since FM still lives in a lovely grey 80's Championship world, you might just as well don't bother getting invested. You're not playing Football, you're playing Football Manager."
  12. Well, it's either this, or having your defenders and deep playmakers pump the ball forward with every second touch. Game's still rubbish when it comes to build up in your own deep areas.
  13. Which is why real life fixture scheduling isn't done by chimps with dice, but requires hours of computing logical equations with thousands of variables. It's going to be kind of difficult to explain to your customers why advancing the game to July 1st takes two days. But yeah, nonsense like two games with one day in between shouldn't happen in game.
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