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  1. by searching, I can see the specifications of the stadium, but like the first photo, I can't click on it
  2. @Christopher Lewis On Anfield I can click and see the specifications, also Kirkby Academy and Melwood, but Sportpark Ronhof | Thomas Sommer I can't, could it be from the "pipe - |" it has in the name??
  3. Hi, can anyone see or click on the name of Greuther Fürth Stadium - Sportpark Ronhof | Thomas Sommer?? because I can't!! the Sportzentrum Kleeblatt I can see the specifications when I click it, the other I can't!
  4. wrong kit colours for Erie Commodores FC wrong kit colours for Emerald Force SC the team colours of Memphis City FC doesnt match with the kit colours North County United change their name to Treasure Coast Tritons South Florida Borussia SC should be erased from DB, i'ts a 7v7 soccer team and this explains -> source it's FC Motown not FC Mowtown
  5. Bloemfontein Celtic Development should be a B Team of Bloemfontein Celtic the oficial home kit of Jomo Cosmos is Red not Blue, perhaps the blue kit is a third kit wrong kit colours for Maccabi FC -> home kit; away kit; third kit wrong kit colours for Stellenbosch FC -> home kit; away kit wrong kit colours for TS Sporting FC -> Red, White and Black
  6. HR Zambia change the name of Young Green Buffaloeos to Young Green Buffaloes Young Green Eagles and Young Arrows should be B teams not affiliated clubs, like Young Green Buffaloes is B team of Green Buffaloes
  7. HR Angola for Real do M'buco, try to put Angola for Base Nation and Continental Cup Nation, not Andorra
  8. HR Ghana few teams of Division One League dont have stadiums, but those stadiums are already in DB, you just have to add them. I gave this info to one of the HR of Africa. Oil City FC plays in the stadium of Hasaacas - Essipong Sports Stadium
  9. HR Nigeria change the name of Mighty Jets *NGA) (id: 23017449) to Mighty Jets Jos extinct Zaytuna United FC because they are now a football academy -> Zaytun Sports Academy wrong teams in Premier League 2018 -> Go Round and Yobe Stars should be in Premier League. Bayelsa United and Golden Stars should be in Nigerian Lower Division. please create the second league - Nigeria National League, obviously create the missing teams: Group A1: Group A2: Group B1: Group B2: **also known as Ranchers Bees Stadium
  10. There are two Mokati Stadium and two Reho Stadium in Namibia there are two Sodo Stadium in Ethiopia there are two Stade Henry Sylvoz/Stade Henri Sylvoz in Gabon there are two Seshego Stadium in South Africa
  11. HR Egypt for the third consecutive year, the teams are switched, it's unbelievable! Al-Nassr were in Egyptian Premier League last season and get relegated, and you put this club in the third division! Why?! The second league should have 42 teams, not 40! Al Badari are not in the second league 1819, Al-Mareekh should be in the second league! Also Gomhoria SC Shebin shoud be in the second league, is it this team, Shebeen Republic?? - the translation of the names is also crazy! check links below http://www.goalzz.com/main.aspx?c=15788&stage=1 http://www.weltfussballarchiv.com/competition/egypt/second-division/2018-2019/66/17014/-/-/-/ https://sports.weladelbalad.com/table/المجموعة-الأولى-الصعيد-2/ https://sports.weladelbalad.com/table/المجموعة-الثانية-القاهرة-والقناة/ https://sports.weladelbalad.com/table/جدول-المجموعة-الثالثة-بحري/
  12. HR Libya 2018–19 Libyan Premier League -> missing clubs: Abu Salim and Al-Sadaqa
  13. HR Ethiopia http://www.rsssf.com/tablese/ethi2019.html missings clubs: Debub Police SC | Suhul Shire FC change Awassa City (5340871) to Hawassa City; Bahirdar Kenema (13198685) to Bahir Dar Kenema; Mekelle Kenema (13198683) to Mekelle FC
  14. HR Congo Championnat National 2018 only has 16 teams, not 18 http://www.rsssf.com/tablesk/kong2018.html
  15. HR Burundi http://www.rsssf.com/tablesb/buru2019.html missing clubs: Bumamuru FC-> city: Cibitoke, stadium: Stade Municipal Cibitoke Kayanza United-> city: Kayanza, stadium: Stade Rukundo (Mwumba - 500) Rukinzo FC-> city: Bujumbura, stadium: Stade Prince Louis Rwagasore
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