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  1. Good point, again it was a simple example, and of course more attributes would be taken account than just the two listed - Technique, Off the Ball, First Touch etc. like you said. Then if it can be programmed, the weakest attribute from the category is prioritised, and then scaled down to their highest attributes taking less training time. It would not be as straightforward as I made out above, and not just attributes will affect the stats - form and morale is important, for example.
  2. I guess one way of implementing this would be to somehow get the AI to assess the player statistics from a match - or a set of matches - or a seasonal assessment. Simple examples: 1. A striker has too-a-low shot on target % -> AI looks to improve Finishing/Composure etc. 2. A defender has a high amount of mistakes made -> AI focuses on Concentration/Anticipation(?)/Positioning(?) 3. A winger has a poor cross conversion ratio -> AI tries to improve Crossing/Decisions - of course, this stat may be down to tactics, so that would require an even more detailed feature, where team tactics are also changed. These are just some trivial examples, and selecting attributes to player issues may be difficult, and I guess player personality will need to be considered. Also, if the player has many issues, what will the AI prioritise? Will it influence the training workloads, or the individual focus? I do think it's a great idea, certainly adds to long-term competition and future player transfers. Like you, I'm no programmer but if it could be done, it would be a fantastic feature.
  3. This has probably been said, but i think it is is an essential feature. I would love to interact with a potential signing at the contract stage - especially when 10 other clubs want the same player. Managing Luton, I constantly lose out to bigger teams when trying to buy or loan players. It would basically work like the press conferences, and we would tell the player where he would fit into the team (key player, rotation, bench-warmer, future star etc) why he should join us (challenging for promotion, european qualification for top tier, etc). IRL many players would be happy to be a regular for a lesser team, rather than backup to a big team
  4. I would like to see more indepth international management. For example, your assistant should be able to advise "inform" players for squad selection - think Carlton Cole. This should only be restricted to the top flight league in the country for obvious reasons - a League 2 striker in the England Squad?! Also I would like to see more player interaction - "Player X needs to up his game if he wants to be selected" or "Player Y's recent form will be rewarded with a call-up." This has also been suggested, but I will say it again - club managers suggesting their players for a call up - again only suitable for top-flight teams Some great ideas in here btw
  5. This is probably already been put, but I'm going to say it anyway. I would like to see a graphic representation of shots taken in the match. This way you can tell those who are wasting shots to look to pass the ball more, or get closer to the goal when shooting.
  6. I haven't seen this in any of the features of FM 2009, so I was just wondering... Why don't cup games & goals count towards a player's season? Looking in History of a player shows only league games of each season iirc. Surely it wouldn't be too much hassle trying to correct this? Ronaldo scored 42 goals last season not 31 goals.
  7. In light of the recent Messi debate - whether he should go to the olympics - the Argentine FA (or whoever) have employed a huge insurance policy on him. So if Messi got injured at the Olympics, then Barcelona will be compensated for that. I was just wondering if compensation on your top player(s) could be implemented. eg You are Man Utd, and International call ups have taken place in September. If Ronaldo got injured for say 9 months - you would want compensation for losing one of your best players for the rest of the season.
  8. The Player Interaction needs to be looked at - if it hasn't been already. How about more player interaction concerning transfers - such as "You think that X will fit in perfectly", or "You think that X would miss a fantastic opportunity if he doesn't join."
  9. I would like to see more transfer wars for a player eg Chelsea, Man Utd, Barcelona for Sergio Aguero. Also, I would like to see year round transfer rumours, such as the current Ronaldo saga. Finally, if it was possible, how about the fans representative gives feedback from the club's forum on possible transfers? I'm liking these ideas - let's just hope that the best get implemented
  10. I would like to see post match interviews, but not for friendlies - just cup and league matches. I would want more player/manager interaction, especially between players you want to sign, not just saying he is a good player, or you want to sign him. Finally, I'd like to see more bidding wars between rival clubs eg Chelsea & Man Utd for Essien, I think it was. Off-topic: My first post!
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