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  1. I love this formation but I'm struggling to make it work with Manchester United. I'll take some pointers from here to see if I can improve it.
  2. Thanks, I didn't know you could copy and paste. My aim for this is to make all leagues more equal so leagues from for example Eastern Europe could become like the Premier League or La Liga and clubs from those smaller competitiions could become European giants.
  3. Hello, I would like to give all leagues the same amount of prize and tv money. I have found where I can edit prize and tv money but I was wondering if someone has more experience doing this and could gave me a fast way to do this for all leagues. The way I'm doing it now will take very long and I think there should be a faster way. The 'Final Ranking Money' takes a lot of time because I have to fill it in manually for every league.
  4. Can personality only be changed due to mentoring or also in other ways?
  5. I'm playing PSV and I feel like the transfer offers I receive are too low. For example, I've gotten many bids for Lozano, mostly between 10-15 million euro's. And then the board accepted an offer of 18 million euro's + variables (halfway first season). This would never happen in real life. Also Ajax sold Ziyech (20 million) and De Ligt (34 million), which are also pretty low amounts for those players. And some PSV youth players have the wrong age. This applies to the following players. - Mohamed Ihattaren. Date of birth should be: Feb 12 2002 - Djenairo Daniels. Date of birth should be: Jan 07 2002 - Emmanuel Matuta. Date of birth should be. Feb 22 2002
  6. I've started with 1860 Munich. First season easily champions and got to the semi final in the cup. Halfway in the second season I'm on top by far. Reckon I will be in the Bundesliga soon.
  7. Rafik Guitane Emanuel Vignato Pierre Zebli Filippo Melegoni Tomas Basila Dayot Upamecano Alessandro Ahmetaj Kenny Rocha Santos To name a few which are cheap and have a lot of potential.
  8. Filippo Melegoni Starting attributes aren't superb but he has great potential Player Traits: Comes deep to get the ball, Dictates tempo, Tries longe range passes
  9. Great to see this thread. I just finished the first season with Sunderland. Finished 12th and won the FA Cup, so next season we will play EL. I bought some hot prospects and have a pretty decent team now in comparison to the start of the game. Will post some screens later. Koné is underrated in FM in my opinion. I played mainly with Djilobodji and Denayer. Ndong has been excellent for me as bbm.
  10. Is there a way to prevent -19 players to play in the 2nd team? Some of my 2nd team players never play because -19 players are chosen over them. I want my 2nd team players to play only in the 2nd team and my -19 players to play only in the -19 team.
  11. This has to be the most annoying thing ever on FM. Whenever I offer a player a new contract the agent wants a minimum release fee, but the amount is limited by the agent. Which results in a new contract with a too low minimum release fee or in no contract and an angry player or angry team. I suggest you remove this.
  12. Well, not fast enough then. As I said, my example can never happen in FM.
  13. The PA should remain fixed indeed, but there should be changes to the CA imo. A player with a low CA and a high PA should improve his CA faster if he's playing good in a team surrounded by better players. Take Coquelin as example. He was a highly rated talent when he was young but hasn't really developed on his loans. He's being recalled from Charlton due to injuries, otherwise he would not even be close to the first team of Arsenal. In a few months he's proven himself to be a good player for Arsenal. In FM this can never happen because his CA will not grow that much in such a short time. PA should also not be downgraded when a players has not developed well over the years, but CA should remain the same or be downgraded.
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