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  1. Glad to tell u since last update 19.3.3 the problems dissapear even the crash about the hibernation, hope it will remaind in the 3.4. Good job
  2. Hi @Neil Brock , what is happening is as soon i come back from the hibernation i already have the message of crash dump in my screen and the game is already close, but at least the game is playable for me right now. Thanks FM 2019 v19.3.3.1202861 (2019.03.12 00.19.57).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.3.1202861 (2019.03.14 01.56.51).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.3.1202861 (2019.03.14 23.40.53).dmp
  3. The problem during the the matches till now is solved ( i play 5-6 games no more), but i start to have crash dumps when my computer is in hibernation mode.
  4. Let me know if I m wrong, but this is for people who have the problem during the launch of the game, my problem is in the matches when the 3d start. Thanks
  5. This is not even professional........ 11 days with the game broken, zero interest about the costumer problems , I replied you 3 days ago and zero answer, what a shame. @Neil Brock @Hugo Mendes Albino
  6. In Fm 2018 and Fm 2019 , the game was perfect till the day of the update, since this day i m not able to finnish a simple game cause always crush ( in the 3D) ,i follow all ur advices, even the advices u gave me last year about the configuration options in the 3d panel control of nvidia, and as i explain before i have just a problems with football managers . This FM 2019, my steam account said i have been playing more than 1000 hours played with around just 10 normal Crash Dumps till 1 of march.... After one per game.
  7. @Neil Brock I cant play , there is no solution , there is no answers..... ONE WEEK AFTER.
  8. Still crashing every game, in 2d the games works , in 3d crash always . FM 2019 v19.3.2.1201536 (2019.03.07 18.39.37).dmp
  9. @Neil Brock the update doesnt appear in my steam ( i restart a few times) unless download and install in the public beta with any notification.
  10. The probability of have just problem specifically with this saga in my full entire library of steam , and have the game running ok from october to march , just after the update this setup have problems again like in the fm2018 . Or i m the unlucky guy ever or there is somethig in the architecture of the game/update that make the game broke, so if is like this the problem come from si game not from my set up cause it works perfectly with everygame. So i hope you are searching for somethign more than the usual answer of cache, drivers... cause the solution have to come from you guys not form the customers.
  11. @Neil Brock, sorry but the fact about the porcentage of ussers affected is ridiculous, you dont know how many players arent playing cause this,alto you dont know the porcentage is with the game open tryng things but with the game unplyable ( like me) , you dont know about all the people is posting in the diferent local website related to football manager ( not everybody know this place and not everybody is able to speak in english) me as spanish i can tell u there is a lot in FMSITE , or if u are interested u can check in steam the valoration of the last days, and even if was a small porcentage(isnt the case) u have the duty to check all the problems and solved , this isnt acceptable, specially when i put u in advice some problems since the 18. As i told you in my bug post , i have hundreds of games in my library , i have just problem with your game , and more specifically after winter transfers, happends in the 2018 , and his happening now, u can check my steam profile (ostkiz) and check how many hours normally i play this saga,. Conclusion: fm2018 and fm2019 ( almost 120 euros) are unplayable after winter update, zero solution.
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