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    Dont you feel is so many rebounds? every time a player shoots with a defender not near just in front and even far away the ball impact in the defenders ALWAYS , most of the game situation start with this kind of rebound. Even somethiems is really unrealistc , a player shoot and after the ball touch the defender the ball increases the speed in a way u cant see the ball.
  2. I am managing Newcastle in my second season and in octoberi cheked the FFP, my yearly player wage expenditure is allowew to be 98 M, the problem is about the wage projeted, some weeks is under 98, next week it change to 103 M , 101 M....., so I dont really know if i will have to sell players or not, there is no current sanctions but not sure it will be like this in the final of the season, so how is possible the wage projected change a lot beetween a short period of time ¿ are the bonuses included ? some suggestion ?
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    [Spain] Data Issues

    Please, keep this post serious.
  4. ostkiz

    [Spain] Data Issues

    About Real Oviedo in Liga 123. -First team use always the "Real" before Oviedo even in the short name -The second team isnt Oviedo b , must be called "Vetusta". -Juan Mata should an icon. -The stats of the player Joel Barcenas who played in the WC with Panama are totally outdated, he also have to be in the first team no in young team. -Transfer and wage budget still the same as 3 years ago when the team landed in second division, actually is pretty much bigger. -The stadium doesnt belong to the second team, is propiety of the city council. - The short name of Diegui should be "Johannesson" -The short name of Christian Fernandez should be "Bolaño" , he decided to change.
  5. Sorry mate, happens same problem here as you, and there isnt solution I will reccomend you play with the integrated card, in 2d as in the past , is the only way .
  6. From now I m tryng something, and is working .
  7. I will have to disagree with you @Neil Brock for diferent reason, I checked the "Crashed and tecnical issues" from the previous years,Its around 15k ... this year is 24k, this means is a 71% bigger than the previous years, and you can check specifically how many post since june,july and august comparing with the previous years, specially with the v18.3.4.1093856 . About the forum , two factors, not everybody knows english, and not everybody know the existece of the forum, just the people that really love the game know it, casual people dont know it. Most of the people dont know to mjuch a lot informatic and they can think is a problem related to his computer and give up, here we saw the problem is beetween nvidia an the game, and you are totally right to say there isnt to much impact in the total amount of players but there is certain numbers of person who pay the same to the other who dont have any problem in his computer and for us the game is umplayable, and the company should try at least to make an effort to check what is happening, I dont think always people having this problem with nvidia in a laptop is kind of coincidence, what is happening now for us could happend to a lot of people in the new one, maybe is time to visit someone in london who have same problem and check no just wait one of ur computers have the problem. Thanks
  8. I m not telling u are wrong, but since this problem start in june I played at least 20 games in steam , using this computer and I have zero problem, just with fm, so i think is something related to the game, as you can see is happening a lot, FMsite, steam forum...
  9. Tried and doesnt work, in less than five seconds the games crashes again, si something related to nvidia cause with the integrated card the game doesnt crash, a friend have the same problem as me.
  10. I tried still crashing, just using the integrated card stop it.