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  1. Food for thought, thanks. I suppose I've always tried to replicate what (in my mind) constitutes Cryuff football. I'm open to ideas. Thanks for the views. I'll definitely consider them.
  2. I've moved to Balanced, strangely enough. Seems to be working. I hadn't before as my board always insists on attacking football. Let's see how they cope with this mini-mutiny!
  3. That's encouraging to hear, DarJ I've played FM/CM since CM93. It's supposed to be hard. Since 20.3 I was really struggling to play possession with success but I'm encouraged by this thread. Another thought I have is that I don't have an IF or an IWB in this tactic. Maybe they're getting in each other's way?
  4. Great tips, Zemahh. Thanks! What roles would you use for the wide men? IF, support, maybe? Also, how would you "make one of them a goal threat"? Thanks again.
  5. Thanks a million, Francisco. Gracias! I have tweaked my tactic for the last few games. Tempo - much slower Passing - much shorter So far, so good. It's upped my possession considerably but not affected my goalscoring threat. Still too early to celebrate so all other tips welcome!!!
  6. I did both, ED. Or tried to. Can you not see the screenshot?
  7. This is it, at the moment. Hope it works. I haven't shared files on here before. Sir Goalalot 2019 - 20.3 Ajax.fmf
  8. Thanks. Experienced Defender, It was to begin with, but I always alter heavily. I have my own pure-possession tactic tonight, based on (nearly 30) years of experience and I'm winning games but the possession stat is low against big or medium teams. I've looked in the sharing section but there seems to be an acceptance that possession tactics are obsolete, no-one even quotes percentages.
  9. Any ideas, folks? I was using a tweaked version of Sir Goalalot's 19.3 and it was brilliant for high-possession stats. But 20.3 seems to have killed it. I only play with Barca, Ajax or my QPR and I want to always aim for possession tactics, even if results sometimes suffer. Can anyone suggest a tactic for 20.3 so I can do this, please? Thanks in advance.
  10. Has anyone used this with the new patch, please, and does it sill work?
  11. I agree completely that it depends on striker and tactic. But FM20 does seem high on one-on-ones, so any advice or experiences could help us all.
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