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  1. Did 19.3.4 sort out the penalty hat-trick bug, does anyone know?
  2. Yes, that's what happens to me, too. When launching it forces you open Steam online or FM19 won't load.
  3. Ya, ED, it seemed to be sorted but on my save game since 19.3 the untick box is ineffective.
  4. Where your centre-back, who's scored two jammy headers from corners is handed the ball to complete his hat-trick when your team gets a peno. The clutz misses. Naturally! And you usually draw or lose. There's a tick box in the penalty section of the set-pieces section in Tactics where you can toggle this option, but in my version of 19.3 I unclicked that generous option but my penalty taker handed the ball to Shrek nonetheless. He missed. We won 2-1 in the end, but the toggle-box isn't working.
  5. FWIW, I think the game-play is very good in 19.3, but, as suspected, I need to re-do all of my tactics or else change the squad again. Either way, my season is gone.
  6. And...the penalty hat-trick bug is back! Is there any way around this, please?
  7. Agreed. This is ridiculous from SI. It used not be an issue. It's taking the joy completely out of the game.
  8. Me, too. That's when Steam forced me into going online.
  9. No. It happened to me after the 19.2 update as well, and I saw from the forums at the time that I wasn't the only one.
  10. I used to do the same zlatanera, agree completely, but now on occasions (presumably after an update) Steam won't let me load FM19 unless I go online...so I have to go online, then the download starts and I'm updated whether I want to be or not. Is there a way around this, anyone?
  11. But we've all been down this road before, Rashidi. I've bought and played every single version of this game - nearly thirty years now. This modern phenomenon of changing the game with updates is infuriating, and unfair to those of us who think their way through the game rather than cheat. I absolutely guarantee that I will have to spend ages this weekend tweaking my tactics because, for instance, now my striker will get more headers from corners over the season at the near post rather than - as might have been the case before - at the far post. There will be tweaks like this in multitudes if I am to get my team back to where they were before and my season is not to slip away. That is of course, if I decide to stick with the game rather than take a break and wait for the new OOTP. All of this would be irrelevant, of course, if I could have continued happily playing my 19.2 save game rather than, ludicrously, being forced to update by Steam before FM19 would start today.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, HUNT3R. Really appreciate that. If there's no tactical tweaks I'll be back to my game over the weekend. If there is, I'll be parking FM as I'm not going through the whole process of finding a tactic that works for my players, tweaking it, doing all the set-pieces again and all that lark. It's hugely enjoyable when you start at a new club but you shouldn't have to do it every time there's an update from SI.
  13. Unfortunately, I've just been forced to go online and update my version again, this time to 19.3.3. Quick question - does this update effect my tactics - general tactics, corners, throw-ins etc - and their effectiveness? I just had a great save going - successful but challenging. one of those beauties where you're fighting for the league title all season long y'know...
  14. Hi Fredrik, Yes thanks, I've seen that a toggled it a few times, but to no avail - still the plain back of shirt. I'm wondering of it's s a graphics issue, and that the graphics just can't handle a number and narrow stripes. When I play next I'll try and see if it works with a 'PSG' back.
  15. Really annoying problem - is there any way to ensure the back of the shirt is the same as the front? I've played with various hooped and striped teams - QPR, Barcelona etc - and I get that godawful plain back. I've tried changing the number colour, but that doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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