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  1. Has anyone used this with the new patch, please, and does it sill work?
  2. I agree completely that it depends on striker and tactic. But FM20 does seem high on one-on-ones, so any advice or experiences could help us all.
  3. That's exactly what I was wondering, Ether. Great answer. Confirms my gut feeling. Even my strikers who have 'places shots' have been hitting too many against the keeper. Rounding might really help. Lobbing seems low in this game? Do you think?
  4. What's your expertise on Finishing PPM's to scout for in strikers? Places Shots? Likes to Round Keeper? Likes to Lob Keeper? This seems important in FM20 with quite a few one-on-ones and, I think, quite a few saves from goalies. Any ideas, Wise Owls?
  5. Two interesting points there, thanks. I agree with the first one, but haven't tried the second. I will next time.
  6. Great reply, warlock. I play full-FM. Halftime team talks, I'm usually tough, In FM20 if we're drawing or even winning 1-0 but playing below-par I tell them I'm not happy (I always stick to calm), if we're losing I'm definitely not happy, I never tell them that I'm pleased. If we're winning by 2 - which is when this kicks in - I tell them not to get complacent. It doesn't seem to work, although I always recruit strong characters. In FM19, if 2-0 up or better, we could say that 'we had nothing specific to say'. A couple were confused maybe, but the team kicked on. In FM20, nothing is working for me.
  7. Ok, but I've played this game since the year it started. I'm not young! And as the years have gone by there seems no doubt that the second half is harder if your team is well ahead at half-time. And it seems engineered to be that way. I understand that, and I understand why. Let's leave that there. But I would like to chat to other posters about how they combat it, as normal coaches would IRL.
  8. Yes, it's a plug from papamogl. But I've found the same problem with my own creations. Well, if they're good! If they're not, then I'm not way ahead at half-time
  9. I'm currently using papamogl's excellent Custom3-3-3-1. But this is a common theme in all my years playing FM, made worse as the game gets more sophisticated. Regardless of the tactic, the game shuts down in the second half if you're winning big at the break. It's realistic, but I'd like to chat about the best ways of countering it within the rules.
  10. Very detailed answer, Morphiushell. "Then the next big thing is the change in how your team play as teams see you as more of a threat therefor they will park the bus more often which requires you to tinker your tactics a little more to draw them out to your players so you can get space in behind them." Does changing mentality at half-time help? If so, what mentaility would you use? We no longer have counter-attacking as a preset mentality.
  11. So... you're winning well at half-time. This could be the big win that kick-starts your season. But, once again, the second-half slump kicks in and you fail to add to your first-half dominance. Subs are complacent when they come on, starting players meander along, the oppo seems to have you all figured out. The second half is almost certainly scoreless. Zzzzzz…. How do you all avoid it? Can it be avoided? Change tactics? Change mentality? Any tips? Or is it impossible to avoid?
  12. I'll be starting a new game with them. Manage Barca as I know that a good possession tactic will work with them. Also manage QPR and try yo get us promoted using your tactics in two-three seasons. It seems from looking at yours that the main purchases I will need for each team are pacey defenders? Are your set pieces strong? I have my own ones that I know work but I'm open to improvements.
  13. Papamogl, Your tactics look excellent. Will definitely investigate them.
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