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    Just an football lover who likes too play a game called football manager


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    Plymouth Argyle
  1. I'm playing football manager in the iPad but I thought I'll start a Career with Cambridge but here's the thing I don't understand why is their wage budget set at £75k when they are only in league 2 seems very high too me. Ps not sure if this is right place for this so if wrong I'm sorry.
  2. What I'd like to see added to the game 1.board takeover unlock unlockable 2. Be able to manage under 21s and under 19's international teams. 3.request an feeder club/ parent club 4. Club philosophy so how the club would like you play 5. Financial fair play as will make the financial side of the game more realistic
  3. International teams when you apply or get offered the job theirs no interview like you do when applying for club teams so would like interviews for international teams and also an 2nd interviews for club teams if they don't know who's the right manager to take the club forward.
  4. I've always wondered why your assistant feedback is in the Info tab on the match engine and not in the analysis tab I'm probably wrong but surely the assistant feedback is he's analysis of the game.
  5. How come Some players like Gomez not have injuries like they do In real life in football manager winter update?
  6. I brought it of the HP website for the same price it gives you 12gig ram so I guess I made the better choice http://http://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=T1K63EA&opt=ABU&sel=NTB
  7. Thank you for your advice everyone much appreciated basically I do use the 3d match engine but I only load the full English leagues and Spain do you think the PC world one will be able too handle that?
  8. Hi I have an budget of £400 and was wondering if any of these are any good if not can someone please recommend one too me as I have no idea about laptop specs ect.http://http://www.johnlewis.com/acer-aspire-e5-552g-laptop-amd-fx-8gb-ram-1tb-15-6-grey/p2297350 http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-pavilion-15-ab254sa-15-6-laptop-white-10137891-pdt.html
  9. I wonder if someone can please recommend a laptop too me with an budget of £300 too £400.
  10. I would like too See financial fair play added too the game. And on the tablet version the ability to play online games like fantasy draft mode .
  11. Is it possible on football manager touch on iPad too ask an player too reconsider his international retirement?.
  12. Great game runs very smooth on the iPad Air 2 one minor thing is how come Plymouth only take about 40 fans too away games on it and it's the same with an lot of clubs I don't know if it's an bug or not.
  13. What roughly is better to get the ipad mini 4 or ipad air 1? For this game
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