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  1. I wondered if there were any plans to add more leagues to future versions of FM as there hasn't been any new additions for some years now? I know mods can be downloaded for all imaginable leagues and competitions but wondered if other leagues were going to be added by SI? Thanks
  2. What happened to this @rabrfc1402? Just started a new save with Edinburgh City and enjoyed my first few games. Would have been a very interesting thread.
  3. Think I'm gonna go for this. My missus is from Gillingham and I've been down a few times. Appreciate all comments and replies, thanks.
  4. Apologies for a very mundane thread. It's not something I have ever done before or particularly like doing however I am looking to start a new save tonight that I can really get my teeth stuck in to. Could anyone recommend a club to start with? Preferably in the Championship or Serie A (although I am open to suggestions). No specific requirements in terms of size or finances....maybe just a club you've enjoyed managing on this version for whatever reason. I could really do with some inspiration. Thanks in advance.
  5. My save won't load and creates a crash dump. Is there anyway of retrieving this? I'd just received a golden generation of youth intake. Unfortunately, my back up save was about 3/4 days before the youth intake so have I lost this forever?
  6. Hi Neil, Yes always on the same day, before going in to a match. I don't know what the time was but it would be between 12-2pm game time I'd imagine. However, after re-installing the game, it has let me past this stage and I've been able to play. I don't have any custom graphics or skins. I will let you know if I get any further issues. Thanks
  7. So sorry for the delay @Felix Wilkie. I have now attached the file. DxDiag.txt
  8. Thanks for your reply Felix. I had a staging error, yes. I will check my crash dumps when I get home later. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am getting this error on the morning of the opening day of the season. I am not using any add ons or additional third party skins/graphics. I am playing as Bristol Rovers - only England loaded with leagues down to Vanarama North/South. Please let me know if you need any additional info.
  10. I agree. Players sometimes act like robots who must do as instructed at all times. Sometimes, a little common sense is needed. For example, if you have instructed your team to play really deep and the ball is just over halfway but no opposition player is near it and your centre half is the closest, he won't go to it at all as he's been instructed to play deep and this is too far up the field. Just get the ball and pass it on.....
  11. Hi, Thank you both for quick replies. Apologies for the lack of information. Herne - As a first thought, my three centre halves are all the default role. I have opted with my wing backs to have 'attacking' roles. The DCM I have as a ball winning midfielder with a defensive role. One CM is roaming playermaker attacking and the other deep lying playmaker support. My strikers are....Complete forward attacking and target man support (he is a big man with good jumping and heading abilities). The Janitor - I have opted to go for a counter but I am not sure if this is totally compatible with what I have done. We are a weak side (Villa after the winter update) so cannot afford to be too ambitious with our style of play.
  12. Hi guys, I am not a new player to FM but do need help as tactically I am pretty useless. I seem to get it wrong a lot of the time and I think it's because I'm not too good at picking instructions suited to formation/players' roles or even the best roles suitable for my formation. Can anyone recommend the best roles and instructions to pick based on my formation? I know the players I have in those positions affects this a lot but for the sake of the question, can we assume the players I have are suited to the formation? --------------gk--------------- -------cb-----cb------cb------ wbr---------dcm-------------wbl --------cm-----------cm---------- ---------stc----------stc---------- Thank you in advance
  13. Has anyone else ordered from HumbleBundle and not been sent their beta key email?
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