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  1. So we need his dad to tweet a picture of a waiver agreement
  2. I've posted at length recently about my frustration to which my tactics led to insane amounts of the same goal (deep cross to unmarked ComF on 6 yard line to tap home past stationary keeper). These tactics led to me having players scoring over a goal a game at Norwich and Inter and closer to 1.5 per game at Real Madrid. I've now taken the same tactic to a lower level and it isn't having anything like the same result. It's hard to tell whether the fact it is a lower level means you cannot use a ComF or whether it is the general lower quality that is the reason for it, but the results of repetitive goals aren't showing. For me this gives reasons why the overall stats show as fine, and why some posters feel able to belittle people who haven't experienced what they have, but in no way precludes the existence of the problem. It is exists in certain circumstances and fixing it is a major necessity.
  3. From only a few posts higher up the page. Him doing it of his own accord is supposedly already in the game
  4. Yes I mean the segment circle suitability rating. So if I understand you properly only good footballers can play Complete F? That would explain why its an issue on my current save and not others, thanks for the reply
  5. I don't have the stats to prove it but I have always thought reputation progression seems too based on trophies and awards (including 2nd and where relevant 3rd places) rather than just doing bloody well. It's just a gut feeling but something I'd like to see improved. That said I also think too easy to get mid-low jobs with low rep so complex
  6. The Basque country being in the game makes sense as it is essential as a database entry for Athletic Bilbao to function properly. I'm not well enough educated to know how Crimea differs from Kosovo for the game's purposes though, not least as I'm not aware of Crimea having a national football presence
  7. If you promise to give a player more first team football does your AM take that into account when autopicking team? quality if so. I can't tell if that's why or if it is just coincidence
  8. I'm slightly disappointed that no one whose voice matters has taken the time to reply to a well thought out and reasonable question. Even some 'secrets' of the process are retained it would be nice to get some indicators as to what is a factor that generally indicates a possibility of success and what isn't. The current silence can't help but give rise to fears there is too much randomness to the process to give a satisfactory answer. A further thing that puzzles me is how the board request of an affiliate can have an identified completion date in the future, whether it is two weeks or two days, and then fails. I can think of aspects to explain that but not sure if they will be the same relied in by SI
  9. Yeah I'd say 1st to 5th or alternatively to 2nd with everyone shifting shift down, not to 4th
  10. What are the tactical reasons for a player who can play in the majority of striker roles being useless as a CF? I'm not all that well up on the differences so would appreciated being educated on what it is about a Complete Forward that makes it so exclusive a role
  11. They tried to implemented fake twitter posts from the general public in Cities Skylines and it was infuriating. It's a no from me Simon
  12. He did yeah, so there could well be something wrong. Or it could be he has risen with an unfancied team, performing far better than the players on the pitch should actually should be capable of, and therefore players his scouts say are good for his team aren't actually good enough for the applicable threshold. Who knows
  13. If only the community was capable of discussing more than one aspect of the game at a time
  14. Does anyone know how regularly a DoF restarts efforts to offload players during transfer windows? When it has the status of failed, how long till he starts again? I quite often just bump the price up and down one to get him to start over, but I'm wasting my time if he would start every few days anyway - although I don't get the impression that is the case
  15. As I said in #3 and he didn't mention his players being injured
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