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  1. Soory forgot about time diff live in Australia :-)
  2. Did you end up releasing the update, it still has the old one on the first page. Cheers
  3. Hey guys is it just me or would anyone else prefer a sticky which had a link to each of the "officail FM11....." pages so we can find one in a giffy, could be put in each country or even league maybe, anyway would love this. Cheers
  4. Hey guys/gals, just curious what peoples set up are. Currently im playing with top div's only in Australia, Belgium, France, Holland, Portugal, and Wales, Top TWO leagues in Germany, Italy, Scotland, and Spain, and all Leagues from England. With my database on larger and all players national rep from every continent. The game trys to tell me gamespeed is 1 star which i find hard to believe as i have a E8500 3.16ghz dual core proc and 8Gb Ram. So has lead me to see what others are running. Thanks Guys/gals
  5. stjohn

    Forbsie Update

    Have you taken out all the injuries, most teams in prem have none some only have 1, im pretty sure there are more injured people than that, torres isnt out injured whihc he is now
  6. stjohn

    Forbsie Update

    Just wandering when it will be posted as today has come and gone lol
  7. stjohn

    No Reserve Fixtures

    Its my first season
  8. Hello sorry if this has been answered before but in my cheltenham game my reserves have no fixtures at all, it seems weired especially when my u18's do, can anyone help me??
  9. oh that be the problem then i playing 10.2, is there gonna be a compatiable version for 10.2??
  10. when i goto load my save game in genie it comes up error unkown database error and the all the load buttons are greyed out can anyone help??
  11. stjohn

    Match days

    ok cheers guys
  12. stjohn

    Match days

    Was this different on fm2008 cos i rember it from somewhere
  13. Just a quick question i have noticed that for some reason when im in a match when i see both lubs instead of the kit showing it shows their logo is this normal??
  14. I have just started a new game with Cheltenham too
  15. stjohn

    Cheltenham Town FC

    I think there needs to be a official cheltenham thread but i dont have time to do it lol