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  1. Achieved the league title with the tactic but the goals did slow down and my excellent defensive record tumbled in the last few games of the season. I tried various combinations over the season however both the forward role and the AM role proved to be problematic. I moved to Manchester United the season after, same tactic and using a CF(S) and the striker banged in 30 goals in the season. The AM position still completely ineffective though (mainly as SS). I finished 4th and conceded too many goals to make a serious title run. Also, I seem to bottle it against other good teams. Posting new dev shortly.
  2. Yeah, I'm not complaining! I am just worried of an over-reliance on Fati. In my mind Fati was going to be the main man however I was expecting Lautaro to have a significant goal haul as well. I cant expect all three to bang them in, however I feel if 2 of them were consistent scorers, it would justify the 3rd players role in creation/making space. Pretty much, Fati is getting easy chances, I am very impressed with the space he is finding currently. I think my first thing will be to try AM-A, as you suggest, I think CF role is really helping Fati.
  3. Perhaps I need to make the AM more aggressive getting forward then and this will bring both him and the ST into the game more. I had the AMR offset slightly as I dont expect Grealish to go forward, so I figured the AMR could support the overlapping full back when playing down the right. Currently RM and RB are the best average ratings in the league, so that side of the pitch is definitely contributing well. What role would you suggest for the AMR? I wanted to avoid an attack duty soley because I thought it may overload my team (already 3 with attack duty)
  4. Currently leading Serie A with the attached tactic and whilst I have had some emphatic wins, we have scrapped through in other games. Fati on the LW is pretty lethal and seems to get alot of space which is something I was aiming for. Grealish on the other side is contributing with assists, although I was thinking perhaps to style him more Beckham-esq, to whip balls into the box. My AMR and Striker have been poor. While it could be argued they are opening space up for Fati, I feel they should be contributing more. Has anyone got any ideas how I could potentially change these 2 positions, or where you think I am going wrong?
  5. Come second in the second season with where Madison ended up playing left back for a substantial amount of games over Tierney who constantly seems to get injured. Third season started terribly and I am currently 8th after 17 games, over 20 points behind leaders city. The only real difference was selling Lacazette and replacing him with Belotti and Barboas. Aoaur is going to become a club legend.
  6. Thinking about 1 last FM19 save and was wondering, how long it would take to realistically take over a Porto/Sporting and try to make the league no1 in Europe over a period of continued success. Anyone had any experience with making the 'smaller, big leagues' more competitive?
  7. CD Keys is 27 quid, does it include beta though?
  8. Okay, I may leave tactic 2 for now. The players positions arnt actually accurate and I dont start Milner but I do take your point that my midfield as a whole isnt quite as technically gifted as the likes of Man City. My squad (including my signings) all have good stamina and work rate which is something I do want to utilize. Thats interesting, I didnt realize PF was that static and you thoughts on the winger support role are interesting as well My idea here is to win the ball back quickly, unsettling the opposition and not giving them time to re-organize. I'd like the ball in the back of their net before they even realize they have lost it ------ Given your suggestions, are am going to experiment with the following set-up. Hopefully the changes up top will bring some varied attacking moves and help us break down opposition.
  9. Hi All, I am looking for some help in my quest to create a philosophy and tactical approach tin FM19 that I am happy with. I am taking inspiration from both Klopp and Guardiola although I do tend to struggle to replicate my ideas within FM. Please dissect my tactical approaches, constructive criticism would be appreciated. What I am trying to achieve: - Goals (I want a free-scoring front three) How I am trying to achieve this: - Relentless Pressing - Periods of Extreme Possession to tire opponents out - Periods of Extreme Attacking play As you can see above, I am trying to switch between to methods of play for when I have possession of the ball. At times I want to overwhelm opponents with quick incisive attacks as you would see from Klopps Liverpool, whilst at other times I want to retain possession and run the opponents into the ground. The two methods should compliment each other. I am happy with how are play when we do not have the ball. Everything is set up to win the ball back as quickly as possible by putting immediate pressure on the opponents. The struggles are further up the field. Between Mane, Salah, Shaqiri and Chiesa only 3 goals and 1 assist have been registered in 6 games which confirms to me that both IF roles are being very ineffective. My idea here was that they would score the majority of the goals with the striker more focused on bringing them into play but its actually worked out that Firminio is one of the players getting the goals. The other player who is scoring his fair few amount of goals is Fabinho from CM. Rather than be pleased about this, I think this is highlighting issues we have going forward. as we have many shots every game with most of those coming from CM. This says to me that we are struggling to create going forward. As my main attacking threat is when I am playing the more direct tactical (tactic 1), could anyone offer any advice as to why my IF's are ineffective and what I could possibly do to alter that?
  10. Anyone know why this is such an issue? 4 of us are in a league (run on my PC - handles processing fine Whenever we get fixes against one another, the two that are playing each other literally take half an hour to finish their match. The time between highlights just trickles and the other 2 are left waiting to continue for half an evening. Anyone know why?
  11. I just thought I'd share my two cents. I've spent well over 7000 hours on Football Manager since 2008, even running a FM orientated website for a short time (FM Archived). Before that, I played Championship Manager and Total Club Manager. Football manager will always reel me in. That said, I feel that over the last 3-4 years, progress has been minimal, if any. Some new features have been added her and there, mostly small but adding a little more depth each time, however key parts of the game have been neglected (perhaps technically incapable) and don't provide us with the quality experience we should expect from a team that have had so long to work on the formula for a great management game. Transfers/Philosophies One of the most tragic parts of Football Manager which I find almost immersion breaking. The AI has for years failed to make transfers that fit a team profile and managers that you would expect to have a philosophy and very specific criteria for potential signings are seen to sign quite literally anyone of a certain 'level'. I don't want to see Guardiola's City sign players like Lukaku. I want to feel like the AI understands Guardiola has a philosophy and that certain criteria been met after long scouting process when it comes to replacing Fernandinho. Currently, it feels like nothing is calculated (decision wise). Match Engine This year, quite literally embarrassing.I quite like the simplistic style that FM currently uses and have no real desire to see this improved upon (except more fluid animations) however, the football that is presented to us is literally shocking. Decisions, movement, repetition are all absolutely shocking. You can see different tactical styles being used, sure, but rarely do you find them being presented in a way which you want them to. The match engine for years has always suffered from serious flaws whether it be inept through balls, the year of crossing. Quite frankly the above two issues are significantly more important than new features for player retention. I believe these are 2 key ingredients to keep long term players like myself interested and are areas that should be heavily invested in to get them right. Of course this is all just my opinion. Lastly, I would say the new training/tutoring systems are a step in the right direction, however the representation and menu's are horrific and should be completed restyled to make it more user friendly and accessible. I would be interested ot hear how people feel FM19 fairs and if you feel like FM has come on as far as you would have expected it to since say FM12. I must say I feel like we could have hoped for a little better.
  12. Game was running whilst I was doing a driver update and crashed. The resolution is completely screwed and out of sync with my screen and when I struggle to go through the menu's to change it, I cant change it from 1920x1080, cant even set it to windowed. As I can only see 1/4 of the interface its completely unplayable. Deleted all files in steam folder and reinstalled but still doing it, any ideas.
  13. Mesut Ozil is a great attacking midfielder but he is coming towards the end of his peak years. He has excellent technical attributes that I would like to utilize after his physical stats decline. Naturally my main idea is to drop him deeper as I like mobile attackers. Given his technical and mental strengths, I would like him to orchestrate games from the CM position, ala Xavi. Now I wont pretend, I know Ozil will never be quite like Xavi but he seems a relatively good fit. The major concern would be when we dont have the ball as his positioning is so poor. Do you think this could cause an issue. I'm looking to play a high, fast press so I'm hoping that the extreme closing down might negate the impact of low positioning.
  14. Most websites seem outdated in regards to transfer budgets since the last update. Does anyone have a good source.
  15. Just about to start season 6, moving into my new 60,000 seater stadium with this transfer budget! Currently committed to spending 12.5m lol
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