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  1. I have tried to take on feedback but it didnt help. I have tried to further simplify my tactics but I am still struggling to score goals. The only consolidation is that the False 9 is now scoring the few goals that we get.
  2. Wilshere has smashed it for me as a DLP. Not a single injury in season 1 either!
  3. Season 1 After a shockingly slow start we somehow managed to scrape the last CL spot by getting a point against Chelsea on the last day of the season. We done much better in the other competitions which concluded as follows; Europa League Winners League Cup Winners Community Shield Winners Thomas Partley was the only standout performer with both Lacazette and Aubameyang having severely poor seasons.
  4. Yes, I do agree with that, I think perhaps in my tinkerings I had made some of the players too attack minded. I must say, Aouar as a AP (A) has been one of the better players however it certainly hasn't been playing the way I would like him to play. I will try as a Mezz I will check out those threads. Regarding Lacazette, I plan to replace with a player who fits my tactical style at the end of the season. I am hesitant to use those roles above because I very much model the position on prime Messi, a player who can drop deep and form a diamond with the players behind whilst also be
  5. I've tinkered slightly with the set up many times over the season but I simply cannot score goals. Games 22, Position 9th, Goals, 24, Goals Against 19 For some reason we have been really good defensively but cannot unlock any teams going forward. Does anyone have any ideas for what I could change in this setup to help. I was going for something Guardiola Barca-esq with an emphasis on really dominating teams and carving them open with good play.
  6. Also playing as Concord as my local team but no idea who to sign
  7. Brought Memphis back second season on a free transfer. Great signing so far.
  8. Achieved the league title with the tactic but the goals did slow down and my excellent defensive record tumbled in the last few games of the season. I tried various combinations over the season however both the forward role and the AM role proved to be problematic. I moved to Manchester United the season after, same tactic and using a CF(S) and the striker banged in 30 goals in the season. The AM position still completely ineffective though (mainly as SS). I finished 4th and conceded too many goals to make a serious title run. Also, I seem to bottle it against other good
  9. Yeah, I'm not complaining! I am just worried of an over-reliance on Fati. In my mind Fati was going to be the main man however I was expecting Lautaro to have a significant goal haul as well. I cant expect all three to bang them in, however I feel if 2 of them were consistent scorers, it would justify the 3rd players role in creation/making space. Pretty much, Fati is getting easy chances, I am very impressed with the space he is finding currently. I think my first thing will be to try AM-A, as you suggest, I think CF role is really helping Fati.
  10. Perhaps I need to make the AM more aggressive getting forward then and this will bring both him and the ST into the game more. I had the AMR offset slightly as I dont expect Grealish to go forward, so I figured the AMR could support the overlapping full back when playing down the right. Currently RM and RB are the best average ratings in the league, so that side of the pitch is definitely contributing well. What role would you suggest for the AMR? I wanted to avoid an attack duty soley because I thought it may overload my team (already 3 with attack duty)
  11. Currently leading Serie A with the attached tactic and whilst I have had some emphatic wins, we have scrapped through in other games. Fati on the LW is pretty lethal and seems to get alot of space which is something I was aiming for. Grealish on the other side is contributing with assists, although I was thinking perhaps to style him more Beckham-esq, to whip balls into the box. My AMR and Striker have been poor. While it could be argued they are opening space up for Fati, I feel they should be contributing more. Has anyone got any ideas how I could potentially change these 2
  12. Come second in the second season with where Madison ended up playing left back for a substantial amount of games over Tierney who constantly seems to get injured. Third season started terribly and I am currently 8th after 17 games, over 20 points behind leaders city. The only real difference was selling Lacazette and replacing him with Belotti and Barboas. Aoaur is going to become a club legend.
  13. Thinking about 1 last FM19 save and was wondering, how long it would take to realistically take over a Porto/Sporting and try to make the league no1 in Europe over a period of continued success. Anyone had any experience with making the 'smaller, big leagues' more competitive?
  14. Okay, I may leave tactic 2 for now. The players positions arnt actually accurate and I dont start Milner but I do take your point that my midfield as a whole isnt quite as technically gifted as the likes of Man City. My squad (including my signings) all have good stamina and work rate which is something I do want to utilize. Thats interesting, I didnt realize PF was that static and you thoughts on the winger support role are interesting as well My idea here is to win the ball back quickly, unsettling the opposition and not giving them time to re-organize. I'd like
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