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  1. I don't have this instruction in my tactic, still happens
  2. Short pass to other #4 or GK is just a safe option, often comes from DCs who don't have technical and self-confidence or tactic instructions want them to do that. If he just ran the space (I mean just the space to force opponents out, not to dribble past opponents), then he would create other spaces, other better options to pass the ball. Look at how Laporte took space in the first goal vs Man Utd last weekend
  3. It results in Vertonghen immediately after the screenshot playing the ball into #15 Eric Dier. Don't you see a huge space in front of Vertonghen? If he just ran with the ball to this space, get closer to Midfielders, forced the opponents out to press, problem would have been easily solved. It is just the way all good ball-playing defenders in real life do(yeah no doubt that Vertonghen is an excellent BPD in the game)
  4. If you read the description of what a Sweeper Keeper (Support) does you'll see that they will attempt to play counter attacking passes. Counter attack what? Don't you see the opponents were all drop? They didn't even want to press Also if you read the tooltip for the 'Take More Risks' PI you'll see why there would be an increasing tendency for the GK to launch lower percentage passes Take more risk is to pass to ball to space, where both teammates and opponents are able to chase it. It is not to throw a long ball forward and hoping teammate who is bad at heading win the aerial duel. If you look at default settings of (vertical) tiki-taka, GKs are all Sweeper GK with support duty at least. Do these tactical styles want GK to play long ball except being under pressure? If he's launching long passes from the back every single time he gets the ball then I'd agree that is a bug but I don't think that is what is happening here (correct me if I'm wrong). Have you ever seen any (vertical) tiki-taka tactics or (any possession based tactics that build-up from the back) that DCs are the ones who touch the ball least? GK (and DCs) play too many long balls is one of the reasons causes this problem And long passes and risky passes are 2 different things. The pass that Cech made, is a meaningless and stupid pass that just threw the ball away and caused losing possession. Clearances are included in pass percentage in this patch, this causes low passing ratio of defenders. Low touch ratio (=> less passes completed) causes this too. Example: - Pass 95 times, 5 are failed, 5 clearances => total pass 100 times, 10 of them are failed => 90% percent completed - Pass 30 times, 2 of them are failed (same completed ratio), 5 clearances => total pass 35 times, 7 of them are failed => 80% percent completed
  5. Hmmm. I understand that 'Take more risk' means 'high risk high reward' instead of forcing his teammate to win an aerial duel (which he is expected to lose). Cech might be not a good passer but he is still a top class goalkeeper, and intelligent enough to understand what I want him to do. I am 100% sure Ederson's duty in real life is support at least, he never does the same. I actually tried some matches with Sweeper GK - Def and 2 normal DCs instead of Ball-playing Defenders. Nothing different. Just quit the game and waiting for new ME updates recently
  6. Conversion Rate is suddenly excellent happens a lot in real life - yes. But looking City (under Pep managing) playing this way? Have you ever seen Pep's team got humiliated this way by an underdog team? HELL NO. In his nearly 10 years of managing career, only Real Madrid, Bayern and Liverpool could do this to him but he has been learning to adapt to it recently already. This, only the first season and I am not managing Everton
  7. I don't think clearance and heading (not sure about heading) are parts of passing stats in real life. In FM we have clearance and heading stats separately already, is it necessary to counted them in passing stats? One more thing is that Corner Kicks are included in Crossing stats too. I have a picture, these failed passes are clearances and heading
  8. My tactic instructions and some PKMs. I remember using DMC with support (DM role) and the right back is Full-back defend in the match against Southampton Arsenal v Burnley.pkm Arsenal v Fulham.pkm Arsenal v Leicester.pkm Southampton v Arsenal.pkm
  9. A winger with 4 at tackling makes an incredible number of tackles in a match (21), and 80% of them are successful. I know that every player will have matches that they over-perform but this kind of over-performing is just unrealistic. This happens in almost every match, not that high but a player makes more than 10 tackles in a match is very often (I remember this high amount of tackles has been happening in old versions of FM too) This player, he plays on the left wing against my Bellerin and Aubameyang.
  10. DNV


    I remember irl players who get a penalty are given an assist too, it used to be counted in FM but not anymore
  11. I have this situation (vs Leicester), saved matches, pass-maps (looks like chaos) and my tactic instructions. I played this tactic in Beta too, way too different Weird passmap My tactic One thing I notice that "clearances" and "heading" are included in pass completion ratio (not sure if heading is included in real life stats, but FM has heading stats anyway, is it necessary to include heading in passing stats?), that reduces the pass completion ratio a lot. Corner kick is included in crossing completion ratio also. PKMs: Arsenal v Burnley.pkm Arsenal v Fulham.pkm Arsenal v Leicester.pkm Southampton v Arsenal.pkm
  12. 3.5 meaningless dribbles, just knock the ball to the corner and lose it, I see it many times. And beside 3.5 successful dribbles, there are like 35 failed attempts to dribble. And, player's close control is too bad (or the defender is too good), I played PSG in my previous save, hardly ever seen my Mbappe/ Neymar/ Bailey successfully get past defender when being pressed (u know how "good" defenders in Ligue are)
  13. That happens to me too, my wide players just wait to be tackled. Look at the number of AI's winger made, most of them are when my wide players hold on the ball in the wide area
  14. I have been playing 8 matches in FM19 and 7 out of 8 matches I have to substitute my players because of injuries (mostly 2-4 weeks). My attackers are all injured now, after only 8 matches, wtf??!???
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