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  1. I understand. I got to high expactations with Boston after my great start. Before the season I was hoping just to avoid relegation, but when they played so good the first 4-5 games I satred to think mid-table. But I should have had much lower. After all they did play over their abillities when I won Skrill North and the team was not ready at all for Skrill Premier. I thought I could manage with some new players but after I got rid of some old players and tried to find new, I just couldn't get Skrill premier level players. Most of them sucked or was over their prime. Now with Boden I have a nice youthfull team with 5 "older" experieced players 28-32 yo. I put alot of trust in my 30yo Advance playmaker and 32yo striker (sadly injured now but I now have a good replacement for him.) they were excelent last season. Hope I can manage a top 3 placement. Maybe even 1st which is the only promotion spot.
  2. I will try that I usually set up players with best heading and jumping on tall players, and the worst on the posts. Rest is man marking except one, usually a fast player or one that's not good at heading or marking, that I use as stay forward. This I showed here I accidental used, because my adjustments didn't save. My attacking works pretty good. My best heading player I put attack near post, next on attack far, the strongest and with good heading and jumping on the goalie, then next good header attack deep, best at longshots lurking, the worst headers stay back and then rest go forward. (very good with a tall player with bad heading here. Then some defender mark him instead of my best header. Near post and attack from deep is good if they have good finishing too if it comes in low.
  3. UPDATE (if someone still interested) I managed to take Boden from third from last to 5th place. First games I struggled a bit, but then had a very good run. If I just had won the last three games I would actually have won the league, but now I draw 2 and lost 1. Think I over thought the last games. I tried to read the opposition and take advantage of their weeknesses, but think I should just have stuck with what worked before and used what my team was good at. Also got my best striker injured for the last games, but my young striker wasn't that bad either. My weekness is still my defence. Don't know how to make my team strong in the back. Started using offside trap, because I noticed that my full backs always held up the offside, and my center defenders always got higher up then them. Went a little better I think. What really is hurting me is the corners. Very bad at defending corners. Any good strat to this? And also on free kicks. Saw now that the way I set up my def. corners wasn't saved. Whoops. That might explain a few things. Anyway, how would you set it up with these players. And my def. free kicks is like this. And my attacking if there is some improvement I can do EDIT: I replaced Jonas Berg for Simon Birgersson in the defence. I played Berg more because Birgersson young and new to the team. I hope he will do better for next season
  4. UPDATE: Media predicted me at 22nd place in Skrill Premier and I ended on 22nd place. :/ So I got relegated Team played a bit better towards the end, but still very uneven. But my 18 games without win was too much and couldn't save my team. My contract was about to expire so I decided to applay for a new job. Didn't get anyone I applied to but my club got mad so gave me an option. Resign or get fired. So I resign. Got an offer from a Swedish club, Boden, in Swedish Second Division north. They where 6 games in the new season and are in 12th out of 14th so is gonna be a struggle here aswell. The want mid-table finish. Team looks real awfull. I maybe did a bad choice here :/
  5. Yeah I know he is slow. But couldn't find a fast defender with good other attributes. Only a young one, but he is not doing well either. And then I got another one now who is a bit faster, 7 in pace, but he also put in awfull performances. I managed to win 2 games against fellow bottom teams with the new tactic, but now I got all but one striker fit so had to go back to my original tactic with one striker. I'm not sure what I want with my TI's. Previous season I wanted to have a nice passing game and soldi defence and my inside forwards to com in from the side with pace and score. And that worked well. but can't manage that now, so that's my problem. Don't know how to play and get the best out of my players. A fast counter game perhaps. I did as you said. Had no TI's for my last game today. Lost 3-1 but it was against the team in 1st so maybe not that awfull. But I did manage to score first and this seam to be my problem. I have taken the lead so many times but can't hold it. Also my defence is all over the place, leaving players totally free. Like this one goal. Two of their players where left totally free behind my center backs. My left back was preventing the offside. Also one time one of my CD moved up to stop one of their midfielders so my right back moved in to center to cover leaving the right side wide open, and yes they scored. Not sure why my CD moved up. I already had my midfield players there defending (I think). This happens alot. I tried stick to positions or drop down. I don't want him to do this. I want him to stay put and defend, but can't figure out how to do that. I just want to scream "stay the hell back there and defend you moron" but that option is not available.
  6. 18 games now in a row without winning. Even lost against a non-league team. It's just getting so frustrating right now. And now I have to use my under-performing defender when my best defender's out 6-8 weeks. And my newly bought defender, who I hoped would be better, is also under-performing right now
  7. I used to change tacic alot, but not since I took over Boston. I mostly use the same tactic. Now I have made a new tactic I will try because I need to do something
  8. I did change all my staff except the physio for this season. Not sure what qualities I should look for. I only look at what coaching attribute they are good at. Attacking, defending etc, I have trained high defending for 20 games. Just changed to high team cohesion. I just put my two most under-perfomring players up for sale I use 3 tactics. 4-1-2-2-1 (standard), 4-2-3-1 (very defensive wich I used to use at the end of the games when I had the lead) and 4-4-2 (with many offensive intructions) I try to be both harsh and realistic
  9. Most of the goals come from crosses and set pieces. Also alot of misstakes by defenders and goalkeepers. Like goalkeeper just let a cross go strait in goal, an easy back pass to goalkeeper and he falls or try to save with his legs or something and the ball go out to an attacking oppontent. Also sometimes the defenders or middfielders just don't pass the ball when chalanged, even though I can see they can easaly pass to other player, and losses the ball and they counter in a goal. Also they get pass my defenders easy with balls behind the defenders and then they just run pass them. I tried to compensate this by having one defender cover, which work well previous season, but doesn't help now. I also tried low defence with no success. Here is my defender And this is my tactic I mostly use. I tryed also with direct pass, short pass, retain but ofcourse never toghether. Also with drill crosses (because my forward is not good in heading but fast) and hassle, get stuck in, tight marking and stay off opponent
  10. you no chris Kinnear lol dovertillidie I'm really pissed I got fired from Dover. One of my favorite teams in the lower leagues I choosed them because I had so much success with them on one of the old Premier Manager games and wanted to repeat that. But no I'm no Chris Kinnear
  11. Also I can't understand why one of my CD is playing so bad. His attributes for a CD is great but his performances are just awfull. Last 5 games 6.2!?!?!?! 6.48 all season When I bought him I just looked at his attrubutes and he was by far the best I could get. Should I go more on scout reports?
  12. Now I suck again I started of pretty good in the new season in Skrill Premier. 4 wins and 2 losses. But those ar now my only wins so far. Now I've played 12 games in a row with out winning. Mostly losses, 3 draws. I even lost in the FA Cup against a team in 21th place in Skrill North!!! My successfull tactic from last season doesn't work at all. I did some changes to it. I used a Regista instead of a DM (D) and changed my DLP to BWM (D) and as I said was successfull at first. I did the changes because My best DM and DLP is the same player, so thought of using him as a regista instead and bought a player who is pretty good BWM. But it got bad fast. I now try use my old tactic again but just can't win again. How do I turn things around? Right now I have no idea. Not sure what to do with tactics. What should I say to the players? Maybe they are just so bad. I am suppossed to fight against relegation Am I asking too much to think I should be higher up in the table?
  13. Thanks for all you help guys. I won Skrill North with Boston The media placed me as 11th before the season and the club wanted me to finish top 10 so this must I see as a big success. Although I did get into deep problems at the end. I had an 11 win streak that put me in first place, and then I got a 7 point lead. But a couple of bad results put me at just a 3 point lead comming up to tha last two games, and my next opponent was Tamworth at 2nd place at home. A win and I was the winner, a loss and Tamworth was going to have tha advantege in the last round bcoz of more goals. Got a great start with an early goal. Tamworth equalized. I got the lead one more time, but Tamworth got 2-2. Then I took the lead one more time, but my team failed once again to hold on to the lead. Game ended 3-3. I was still up 3 points for last game and I had a brilliant oppotunity. Faceing Hyde on 18th place. Should not be a problem right? After once again getting an early lead on penelty in the 14th minute, and Hyde also got a player sent off. But then my team showed the worst performance ever. Before half time hyde hade scored 2 goals. Then at the start of 2nd half, my team failed to make a kick off!?!?! Looked like one player tripped on the ball or something. And Hyde players easaly got the ball right away. When the game was over HYde had scored 2 times mire and won 4-1!!! I must have the most nervous team in the whole world. Can't believe that happend. Luckley Tamworth also lost so even if I lost big, I won the league and even if Hyde won they were relegated. I must have made some really bad choices in the team talks. At half time I told them to do it for the fans. That was obvious the wrong thing to say.
  14. An Update Started new season with Boston United much better. Looks very promising. In 8th place, in Conference North, after 10 games and not far from the top teams. Club is overachieving according to press so that must be good right? Only two games so far I'm dissapointed by. Two losses in a row at home. Defence was not playing well and after that I put one of the defenders as cover. I use the 4-5-1 formation GK (D) FB (S) CD (D) CD © FB (A) DM (D) DLP (S) CM (A) IF (A) IF (A) F9 (S) Standard mentality and Balanced fluidity Work Ball into box, Play out defence, Run at defence, Retain possession, Exploit the flanks. (Used Hassle opponents in beginning but saw my middfielders was not in place while defending then) I have 3 differnet type of forwards. I mostly use my F9 who is a good team player an good at getting my Inside forwards in good goalscoring position. My left inside forward is my best scorer so far with 8 goals in 13 games. Then I have my goal scorer, a fast forward with good finishing (best scorer last season with 20 goals), but not sure how to use him. He is a great Poacher but I read that Poacher is not good to use with this type of system. Also good as AF. I tried him as F9 but not as good as the other one and experimented with him as Trequarista at top with one great result and another not so good. Consider to make him my right inside forward. Maybe that will work? He is very bad at crossing though, just a 4. Maybe I can use him as AF or Poacher and have one of my wingers beeing more defensive minded? Then I have my strong Target man. Not been able to use him much bcoz he get injured alot. 3 months in pre season, then just as he came back got injured again and then I used him in a FA cup match in a 4-4-2 system with my poacher and he scored a hattrick and then got injured again in a u21 game when I wanted him to get match fit. If I have the lead I change tactic at the end to a more defenceive 4-5-1 GK (D) LFB (D) LD (D) LD (D) LFB (D) BWM (D) DM (D) DW (S) CM (S) DW (S) AF (A) Mentality: Contain Fluidity: Balanced Lower Tempo, Get stuck in, Go Route one, early crosses, Pump ball into box, waste time, drop deeper, Stand off, Play safer In my 3 tactict slot I have an allternative 4-4-2 tactic to make use of my poacher and taget man GK (D) FB (A) CD(d) CD © FB (S) W (s) CM (A) CM (D) W(A) P (A) TM (s) Mentallity: Counter Fluidity: Balanced More direct passing, Clear ball, Higher tempo, Run at defence Been thinking to have a more all attack tactic instead of the 4-4-2. Maybe a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. Any opinions guys?
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