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  1. - In squad selection --> Show how many players you have in the squad GK/Def/Mid/Att - Have morale more influence - Selling players should be easier, because now when you try to sell one he is very ****ed maybe there should be an option why you sell him and then accepts etc
  2. perfect list - Improve Staff damnit, because I never listen to them. - Transfer list every month announced with ability to comment - More contract options : - Make your own salary have even SENSE - More praise options, allowed you to make moreee since you can only do 1 / month - More talks with players - More ability to scout players for example you can watch a match and you can Mark your wanted players so you follow his actions - A diagram where you can see the VALUE of a player per month etc - Better search function like: SEARCH player with at least stats of ROBINHO - Talks to player ex. "Tell player he will be playing in the Reserve squad for X weeks because of .."
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