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    Hello and welcome to my profile! I'm a 14 year old who grew up with Football Manager and still play and adore the game. I support Barrow AFC who play in the Vanarama National League and I'm a bit of a Bundesliga expert :P I try to act older than I am as well to be honest!

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    Football, WWE, Music, Corrie.

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    Barrow AFC
  1. I'm starting a Darmstadt save as soon as the rest of this thread is finished, looking forward to it!
  2. You don't have to watch the videos though do you? Myself and many others I'm sure, find this very helpful.
  3. As the Conference thread hasn't been done yet I would give it a shot, I'm sure I'll find some free-time.
  4. I'd love to do a Barrow thread, I'd volunteer to do the whole Non-League but I don't thing I'd have time to do the whole thing
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