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  1. I uploaded the file. Filename: sabripsg.dat please give me a Feedback
  2. Below some screenshots that shows how it's frustrating to display lower league results when we're waiting for UCL games results.
  3. You’re right, that’s not fair for the customers who pay for a neglected version of football manager mobile. I’ve put away the app until a serious fix update.
  4. The first version of FMM is always full of bugs. I remember, the first version of FMM 2018 was also full of bugs unfortunately... We hope they'll react quickly and fix those bugs because we are losing pleasure to play this new version of FMM.
  5. Can you please let the game do the simulation by itself and decide who will be transfer listed. As it like in the previous version of FMM.
  6. Just be patient, that's not easy for them, they're working hard to fix all these bugs. I hope we'll get a fix update soon.
  7. I've loaded : England : Sky Bet Championship and above France : Domino's Ligue 2 and above Italy : Serie A only Spain : First Division only and i'm Playing with Parma in Serie A.
  8. Hi James, Thanks for your answer. Did you schedule a date for the next update ? If not, can you tell us approximately when will you provide the next update ? Thanks for your work.
  9. Hi James, I give you more precision to be clear, when a lower league game is played the same day as the UCL games (on wednesday for example), the interface displays the lower league game results. Is there a way to prioritize UCL games' results display ? Because we are forced to go into the UCL competition to see the results of the day.
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