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  1. REALLY??? Ohhh thats fantastic new, i mean there are not czech league yet...supeeeer, this week i buy this game and try it i only hope, my english is enough...thanks guys for you answers and sorry for my disturb...
  2. Oh really thank you for you answer, iam sad, but i mean i can enjoy this game in enlgish...i hope...sorry for that and my insolence, but i have one last question. Do you plan add czech league to EHM, and if yes, when (approximately)? i really think about buying this game, but i want wait for czech league...onetime again i thank you guys i looking forward for FM16 (this game is in czech language) continue your work guys, because your work i have what do
  3. Hi guys, for first thing, i must say realy big BIG sorry for my weak english. Iam from Czech republic and i have one important question for you. Do you plan CZ language to Eastside hockey manager (early access)? I really love your games, mainly FM but hockey is for me much important, we are hockey nation . But in english language, i dont enjoy this game, so this is reason, why i write this posts. Thank you for all answers and big THANK YOU for you best simulate games
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