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  1. Highlights upload has never worked properly on a mac. Never been fixed. Which is worrying as we still don't have the 3D match engine fixed so I hope that doesn't drag on forever. The mac version never gets prioritized for fixes.
  2. Hello lovely people. Is there a way that I can edit the .whatever files of the FM17 beta so I can simply swap Miami with an MLS team like Montreal so Miami are playable?
  3. We have the same couple of standout players in the final third as most good European teams right now but the real credit needs to go to that defence. Williams and Collins are giants. Davies was vital out in Andorra. Taylor leaves everything out on the pitch and Gunter raises his game when he plays with them. We've let in two goals in five games and one of those was a joke penalty against the Andorrans. That's the platform that gets you into a final championship. We know we have the potential to score goals with players like Ramsey and Bale but in terms of defence I think we're probably on terms with the Belgians. It's going to be us and them in the top two.
  4. It's been a staple of mine since CM2 to put a team of my mates in and guide them up the leagues.
  5. Wenger agrees with me, so maybe I was wrong In all honesty we can talk about how good he has been in the past and everything but all I'm saying is he needs to step it up a bit. Perhaps he's just one of those confidence players? He's going to be streaky for his whole career I think. Could do with him blowing hot not cold in the next game.
  6. Fair enough. But I still maintain that point that he's underperformed recently. There's no way I'm watching Arsenal games but regardless I know he can play better for us, sometimes his best games are when the pressure's off, like when our qualification is over. Ben Davies contributed more against Andorra without getting hardly a breath of a compliment in here. Ashley Williams has been slagged off in here but look at how well he's running that back four so far. If we're going to do this the one player who needs to buck their ideas up a bit is Ramsey.
  7. Arsenal fan by any chance? FYI the two constants in this thread are Arsenal fans like to come here to sandpit their stupidity and it's not ok to say anything negative about a player who has ever played for Cardiff.
  8. We're ok at the back. What we really need is a striker banging them in somewhere.
  9. It's true. Allen is more important to us than Ramsay. When's the last time Aaron's bought his best to a camp? Ever? Never? I get the feeling he doesn't care as much as some of the other players. We've all seen the vine of Bale at the final whistle today.
  10. So I'm just gonna come out and say in these games we play better without Ramsey. The balance is better in midfield without him. Bale is our matchwinner. Ramsey is often guilty of overplaying. Save him for the bigger games.
  11. In a parallel universe that we would be familiar with we would be on 1 point from these two games and although a win against Bosnia would really have put us over the hill and far away I think holding a World Cup finalist to a draw is good going. The acid test is Cyprus. If we win and keep top spot I will upgrade myself from 'confident' to 'giddy'. We all know Belgium will win this group but I think we have a shot at 2nd. If everything goes our way I think we just need to make sure we get 4 points off Israel. Hard, but not impossible.
  12. Last time we topped a group was 12 years ago in the Euro 2004 qualies. I really hope this ends better.
  13. TOP OF THE GROUP no brain dead Arsenal fans in the thread. Life is good 8)
  14. We just need a moment of magic from Bale this half. As it stands we are on top of the group. I will enjoy it for a few minutes