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    Software consultant. Deep love of the FM series, I have lost many many days, weeks, months of my life to the game so far :)

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  1. Great thread, and very interesting to see how it panned out at Knockbreda! You ever write any tactics threads? Curious how you consistently find winning formulas. Cheers!
  2. Absolutely heartbreaking news about the Chapecoense club, their players, staff and all others on board that plane that crashed. Thoughts with all those affected. Note: I'm not making light of the disaster, and this is a serious question born out of curiosity and my obsession with Football Manager - so please no one get offended at me asking this... So I'm wondering how SI Games deals with this in the game. As far as i'm aware, this hasn't happened since I've been playing the game - some 20 years probably - but I could be wrong on that. I'm guessing it probably depends on what happens in real life and if / how the club continues to exist. Anyone any thoughts / insight? Thanks.
  3. Yeah, I've tried a few skins and they don't seem to add any functionality.
  4. So, it's not possible to create custom views for opposition instructions in FM15 (or does someone know of a way?). Is this driving anyone else insane or is it just me? It seems they can't be customized at all so, on a fairly high resolution screen, the name is so far from the Marking, Closing, etc drop-downs that it's difficult to see who I'm setting instructions for. I also made big use of the custom views to display various attributes that helped me to decide what instruction to use for each player. That's gone now. SI suggested trying other skins for that functionality but I haven't found one that will allow me to do that yet. Seems like the functionality has just been removed from the screen. I also hate the squad selection screens now (can't left click on subs to choose what player/position to swap them with) but this post is aimed at the opposition instructions. For what seems like a fairly large or important part of the match, it's a big step in the wrong direction. (although I like having all 4 drop-downs on the screen at once). Matt
  5. I have to agree with you. Changes to the squad selection screens this year have been a step backwards and make progress slower. It's already a very in depth game and it takes an incredible length of time to play through one game / week. Really REALLY disappointed with a lot of FM15.
  6. Hi, I've been searching the forums for an answer to this so apologies if I've missed it... Is it no longer possible to create custom views opposition instructions? While I really like having the 4 drop downs on screen together, having to go into each player (or use the i icon) to look at attributes before selecting an instruction is a very tedious process. In the case of 'show onto foot', you have to open the player profile to see how strong they are with either foot. Seems like a step backwards in terms of UI design (although there may be a reason for it) and this was functionality that I used quite extensively in previous games. If opp. instructions have less of an impact now, please let me know and I'll not worry about it as much! Thanks, Matt
  7. I think there are more reasons for it than against it. In terms of stability, I'd rather use an editor by the actual developers than a 3rd party (nothing against said editor). If one/two guys can write a pretty good editor, I'm sure the developers, who know the code inside out (hopefully haha) could write something very stable and safe to use. Just my humble opinion
  8. I went with PSG just to see how it goes. I completely gutted the backroom staff, brought in Frank Arnesen as my DoF and Johan Crujiff as my Assistant. In FM12, I was Man City manager for a few seasons before going to my favourite team, Liverpool. I think you'll notice the trend of choosing clubs with tons of money... I'll probably start a new game when the full version comes out and give Liverpool a ton of money. I know its cheating or whatever but the game is what you make of it. I certainly wont be coming on the forums and boasting about what i've achieved after i've cheated. the girlfriend just doesnt understand but i love the game when i have money to spend. thats my favourite bit of the game! enjoy folks
  9. ok sorry, progress... what im talking about is the victims have been exonerated and the blame has been laid at the feet of the police. and an apology from the PM, whatever that is worth. i doubt there will be criminal proceedings though, but i could be wrong. im looking forward to seeing how the Sun (scum) handles it. Apology from them? Highly unlikely. Im not in the country so I'll have to check their website.
  10. Was just going to say, Justice For The 96, finally. RIP. YNWA
  11. Hi all, I tried to search for this on the forum but didnt see anything so I'm posting a new thread. Apologies if I have missed a thread already about this... Does anyone know if it is possible to train a player so that their weaker foot rating improves. ie. if a player is very strong with his right and very weak with his left, can we train them to improve the left foot rating and if so, what training would that be? technique? any ideas? cheers, matt
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