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  1. Hi guys, any news you can provide me? It's been three weeks now and it's frustrating I can't play my game. I do appreciate your help and understand it can't be easy but was hoping it would've been resolved by now. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Jack. Thanks for letting me know. Do you know at all how much progress has been made with my saved game? Thanks.
  3. Thanks again for keeping me updated, Neil. Is there anything I can do on this end in the meantime? Anything to speed the process up if I can. Thanks.
  4. Hi Neil, any news? Missing my FM fix! Lol
  5. Hi Neil, just wondering if there had been any progress with the issues I'd reported? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for keeping me updated. I can start running on 95% but the news issue means I can't make any advancements in the game. Bit annoying if I'm honest as I've not made any adjustments of any kind and I can't play the game I've paid for. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, I have now raised this issue within the thread you attached. Do you know how long these type of items normally take to investigate? Thanks.
  8. Hi, no I've not used any in-game editor at all. The resolution my system is set to is Full Screen 1366 x 768. The zoom level is set to Standard Size 100% - I have changed it to 95% which did help seeing the missing player information, although ideally I would like it to be seen at 100%. Thanks again for your help.
  9. Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I haven't got any custom graphics/logos/skins or add-ons with the game and have tried the other three steps but to no avail. I've now uploaded my save game to your FTP. The save name is simply 'LFC'. When would I expect to hear a response after uploading the file? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Earlier on I followed your instructions on how to update to 18.3.1 through Steam. I'm now running on 18.3.1 but still face the same issues I had before updating. The issues I had previously were not being able to see the information on a player's profile, such as suspensions, injuries etc, as pictured below. Since this initial problem, I've not been able to continue in my game. I hit continue or the space bar and I can't go to the next day in the game. It also shows me that I have 5 items in my inbox but, when I go there, the new items aren't shown. Can you please help me resolve this issue? Thanks.
  11. Hi RHCP, I've been having the exact same problems and the exact same levels of frustration. How did you get it sorted in the end? I haven't even got my first friendly game yet. Cheers
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