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  1. I get it's all about opinions - I almost lose the Commentary Bar I think it's that small! Can you tell me how I can hide the Dugout please? I've not worked out how to do that.
  2. I have to echo what others have said about the match UI - it's just not good compared to previous years. I've just completed my first season and I enjoy most other additions and changes to the game as a whole, even the press conference and team talk screens (although they're not perfect). Also, I don't mind the 'heart' fitness levels. I'd prefer percentages but it hasn't taken too long to adapt to that particular change. Before I explain my issues with the match UI I will say that I play with 'Commentary Only' - always have, always will - I started playing Championship Manager 97/98! Befo
  3. If one of your players miss a penalty early in the game you might as well substitute them straight away - they'll be lucky to get a rating above 6. As a major international manager you get asked all the time if a 32 year old Wycombe player should choose to represent your country - I think that ship has sailed mate, sorry. Standard answer of press conferences being really boring. I've never seen VAR actually ALLOW a goal - only disallow.
  4. Can anyone help with using FM19 tactics in FM20? I've tried doing what I'd usually do (creating a tactics folder and dragging downloaded tactics into there) but they're not showing up in game. Always loved using snap's tactics and would like to continue. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. I've tried searching for an answer but couldn't find one - Is there any way to remove a second nationality or just changing a players nationality via the In Game Editor? Thanks
  6. Looking for some help and I'm sure I did this on FM18 but really can't remember how I did it. I've tried searching but couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm sure there's a simple way you can set up World Cup/ European Championship fixtures to show on screen on each day of the tournament, even if you're not a national manager. Could anyone let me know how you do this? Thanks!
  7. I absolutely get your point but I suppose he couldn't do any worse either! I'd rather an opener score 50 on a semi regular basis than score 0-15 consistently. England might as well go out there two wickets down before a ball is bowled!
  8. Jennings has to go - I'm all for giving players a chance but there's not even been a battling 30 or 40 in amongst the low scores. Not good enough I'm afraid. Why Rory Burns hasn't been picked is beyond me. He's scored over 1000 first class runs in each of the past four or five seasons. I'm a Bell fan but surely we can't go back, although having said that, he certainly won't do any worse than anyone else at the moment. Cook has been brilliant for such a long time but surely the pressure of having a walking wicket as his opening partner has taken it's toll, it must be on his mind constantly
  9. It's really interesting to see how much importance we give to what is, frankly, a meaningless aspect of the game! I generally don't worry too much about squad numbers, but I do try to keep my first choice team as close to 1-11 as much as possible. 1 to first choice keeper, 2 & 3 to right and left backs, 9 to top striker etc. If a preferred number is available and appropriate I don't have a problems giving it to a player but I never change numbers if a player has had it for a long time. I'm surprised so many of you either don't use 13 or assign it than outfield player - 13 ALWAYS goes
  10. On my save (in 2035 now) Man City are very up and down but haven't been reduced to a mid table club yet. They've finished 2nd in the league six times, but mostly between 4th and 6th, with a lowest position of 9th. They've gone through some mangers (Pep was sacked after season one, and no other manager has lasted more than three seasons). Zidane, Marcelino, Spalletti, Simeone, Kollner, Emery, Allegri, Zidane again and Conte has just been sacked with them struggling in 14th position in December. There has been some cup wins though, a couple of league cups, one FA cup, one Champions League and FO
  11. Yeah, give it a go. It's always worked in my experience. It seems like the game is tricked into thinking the fee is higher than £1. As in, the bonus needs to be there in the contract, but it doesn't actually matter what the amount it. Also, make sure you lock the bonus otherwise the agent or player will just keep asking for more.
  12. I don't think the game 'punishes' you for using the IGE. Maybe it's a guilty conscience that you think these things happen after using it! I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary happening after I've used it, to be honest. Like you, I've used it to get rid of players that I can't seem to shift any other way.
  13. Top tip - to reduce the cost of Appearance Fees/Unused Substitute Fees, just set them both to £1. I do it for everyone and no player has ever rejected a contract based on this. Whenever I've tried to remove these bonuses completely, they always reject.
  14. I offer a staff member a new contract if they get approached by another club. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It looks like there's not much you can do if they decide to leave.
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