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  1. Koscielny left a few months ago but is still heading up one of my groups...
  2. Any chance somebody could share the team and player instructions ? I can't get the tactics to show up in the directory still.
  3. I physically put it (and can see it) in the Tactics folder. It's as if it's not recognising it as a valid file type.
  4. Just on the normal beta. Your old tactics worked, as do my own.
  5. Thanks, but that's not working either. It's in the tactics folder, but nothing shows up when I try to load it. Any chance you could let me see the full team instructions?
  6. I'm saving Ashbringer V9 into my directory, but nothing shows up when I try to load it in game. Anybody else having the same problem?
  7. Except you've completely misread the feature. You can't play FM16 on your iPad, what you CAN do is play a save from the diluted version of FM16, FM Touch, on your computer. VERY, VERY different thing and not something most will want to do. Now the ability to continue an FM16 game on your iPad WOULD be revolutionary.
  8. Using Ajax....I think you broke the game! Won 6-0, 11-1, 2-1, 6-1 in my first 4 games. 40+ shot, 10+ CCC's per game... Smashes my 433 SchemeServe to pieces for goals scored, although I'm still a sucker for possession and passing.
  9. Sounds interesting - is the playing style still the same though? How are you goals being distributed? How many passes per game are you players making? With what accuracy? Possession? Certainly I always thought playing deeper leaves far more room for pacey, on-rushing IF's to get beyond the last man and the original beta tactic was set to the lowest tempo to encourage retention over creation. The removal of closing down is an interesting one alongside the defensive line in that it'll change the essence of the tactic removing the high press approach designed to win back the ball as soon as it's lost. Glad the altered version is working for you though!
  10. Afraid I've had a few stuffings myself though they've always been games where I've still dominated the possession and shots but been hit by swift and unnaturally precise counter attacks. The better I've trained my team to the tactics strengths and paid close attention to PPM's and player acquisition, the less frequently it's happened . By the end of season 3 I gave up as it had become too easy to dominate and often my pass accuracy was in the 90's with 70%+ possession and 30+ shots per game. Changing the IF's to wingers kills the tactic, they'll sit too wide and won't support the possession. The key to the positions they're all in is the neat triangular shape the formation rests in. Look at the average positions at the end of the game and you'll see what I mean. Dropping anything flat will reduce space and passing options. As I think I mentioned in an earlier post, the areas I would focus on most would be improving set plays, finding a Gk distribution that works for you in playing out rather than kicking long and perhaps a balance between the RP and AP. My beta and earlier versions had two AP's, however tests seemed to show a dramatic improvement in retention and accuracy by dropping one back to RP. Perhaps an AP on support or two RP's would yield better results? Certainly I think the CM(D) could be improved too; I really want him to play like an anchor but dropping him back to the DMC position narrows he positions of the two MC's either side and thus reduces the effectiveness of passing. One other interesting option to try might be having your wingback a man mark the opposition wingers to see if that reduces the crosses into the box. I think the COBRA 361 tactic used a similar approach on it's defensive wingers last year to great success. Would love to hear if any of that shows improvement for you.
  11. Difficult to say, but baed on players I've used, I guess I'd go for something like... Neuer Alex Sandro, Koscielny, Balanta, Danilo Ramsey, Henderson, Strootman Alexis, Yarmolenko Cavani
  12. Thanks due, I'm glad it worked so well for you. I can see from your lineup you took the time to understand the roles as you'd distributed the players available perfectly. Must admit, my set pieces instructions were thrown together so that'd definitely be an area for improvement going forward.
  13. The advanced playmaker role is an odd one as it's important to the formation but very rarely produces good average ratings - it's a bit like the striker roles where if they don't score or assist they often get a poor average rating regardless of other contributions. It's one of the positions I'm not quite convinced I've got totally right. My biggest frustration at the moment is goalkeeper distribution with my keeper continually kicking long when instructed to distribute short to defenders. Equally, when I watch the whole game my passing will be 85-90% accurate, but as soon as I instant result the game it drops often below 80% with the GK and Defenders suddenly unable to make even the simplest of passes. It's certainly not as effective as I'd like it to be.
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