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  1. When favorite and leading 2-0 i always use " do not get complacent". Some players may not react well but it does the job and i comfortably win. The same would go for leading 4-0.
  2. Thank you. Let's just hope 14.3.1 (not out yet) is not going to completely mess this tactic up, although i could live with better finishing on my strikers and lees woodwork involved:))))
  3. I went through the whole thread trying to locate the post where the differences between FOB and the overload tactic are explained in detail, but could not locate it. Can someone please point it to me if possible? I am thinking about adding SS2 back as a 3rd tactic as it seems to be working better for me when underdog.
  4. I am curios to find out what the outcome would be if SS and the other tactics would be put against each other.
  5. This is one of the most shocking results i've got since playing the series: Yes, i am playing Rapid, that 2 years before was in the second league. Took advantage of the sent off player, however Cardoso is worth more than my whole club. Thank you for sharing your work with us. PS: Alexandru Ionita 2 is doing great in the SS post.
  6. Thank you. Looks impressive. I hope it works with a lower level team too.
  7. Using SS2, if i am favorite to win, home or away, i start with Attacking and Aggressive Team Talk " I expect a win". if i go behind, i imediatelly switch to "overload" and remove "retain possession". Hope this helps.
  8. I am still having phenomenal results with SS2. As a NEWLY PROMOTED team in the Romanian First League, i won the title with 9 or 10 points in the bag most scored goals least conceded. Also managed top reach 2nd knock round out of the Europa League, where i lost to Arsenal, but finished first in a group with Leverkusen, Kharkov and Panathinaikos coming straight from the SECOND LEAGUE. Mr. R, if the tactic set you are working on is not providing the expected results, give SS2 another whirl as it has the potential to be a "DIABLO":)))))
  9. Using SS2, whenever i get dominated i change to "much deeper defense" and then i usually score on the counter. If the mid 3 do not play well ( at least 2 key passes per 45 min) , i always replace them even if the strikers have lower scores. When behind, i switch to "overload" regardless of how much time there is left and i usually score.
  10. Enjoying a save with a small Romanian team AFC Rapid. Promoted from second league first year and reached the final of the cup, qualifying for EL. Second season, i am top of the first league and reached 1st knock out round in Europa League where i will be playing Dynamo Moscow. Finished first in a group with Panathinaikos, Metallist and Leverkusen. While they are not big teams, it is an achievement considering my whole club is worth $5,000,000 and this is the first season in the top division. Thank you for sharing you work.
  11. Looks impressive. Do you use "control" at all times or alter it to "acounter & attacking" based on the odds?
  12. Well, i am living a dream then. Lucky me. I know team building and tactics play a big factor in the strikers efficiency, however the amount of missed chances is just ridiculous from my point of view.
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