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  1. I think you guys are overreacting slightly.
  2. I think more leagues will become available due to the Beckhamisation of American football.
  3. Florentia Viola: A Revolution 7.06.07 News just in: Police in Florence raid offices at Fiorentina’s Stadium due to suspicion of Match Fixing. This comes just hours after the popular Luca Toni has been sold. 8.06.07 News: Supporters gather outside of the Artemio Franchi stadium protesting about the sorry state of their beloved club. They feel that by selling Luca Toni who they feel was their best player that the club will be in major trouble in the following season. 12.06.07 Former player Gabriel Batistuta has also become distressed at the club he once dearly loved, and has created a club to put his passion towards: Florentia Viola. He has set about looking for potential stadiums and has submitted a request to join the Italian FA. 21.06.07 The club name is taken from the time when Fiorentina were relegated to Serie C2. The Italian FA have allowed the club to join Serie C2/B as it has also been confirmed that local team Rovigo have had to drop out of the league after declaring bankruptcy. Batistuta has found a 21250 all-seater stadium in Florence and renamed it Stadio Artemio Franchi. 30.06.07 Batistuta has appointed two former Fiorentina Favourites: Giovanni Galli as Managing Director and Brian Laudrup as Director of Football. Fans have been getting behind the club and Batistuta has arranged trials for 18 young players to fill his squad. He has the financial backing and its reported to be around the £70 million mark. Young manager Sir Chris McCormick has also been drafted in as Manager. I hope this scenario is ok, seems a bit long I know! Basically I want 18 players ranging in different positions. http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums?a=tpc&s=2101905...522088163#9522088163
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