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  1. thou shall always talk to the player and never promise to make promises, and walk out of the door.
  2. Funny team names

    Padang in Malay = Field. Ie. Semen Field. :O That is one eeky name, and im getting mental images of the field....
  3. Just how bad was FM13?

    I am not sure if FM13 is bad. In my experience it was the least enjoyable experience ive had in FM. FM12 was engaging and ME was more responsive. FM13 had its perks but after a very long successful career in FM12, it was hard for me to get engaged in FM13. Its probably good, and some people will be saying FM13 is better than 14, and at the end of the day, take all perspective with a pinch of salt. Like Man U Fergie and Moyes. You are burdened with expectations.
  4. Congrats!! And all the best for your remaining games.
  5. Well well well....Verthongen is injured for 10 months. 10 Months!! Spurs have a knack for long term injuries! Good thing i have decent cover, but i am abit short of rotation now because of this. Looks like vertonghen is never going to be the same after this layoff. I am still unbeaten in the league this season, 12 against, 60 for. A very impressive campaign so far and i am 25 points ahead of second place chelsea. Muahahahah. Take that!
  6. That is one mint team. What is your player instructions like? I have a similar formation to yours, but i cut the instructions away for Lamela. Erickson is my shadow strike, and Lewan/Mitro is my F9. In other words, it allows my inside forwards more space and more room for Lamela. He is not prolific by far, but he always put in a good shift and scores vital goals. So far, i dont know anyone else i can afford, young and old that can do what lamela does on a consistent level. So just be sure, if you are letting him go, you dont have many better options.
  7. I remedied that by making my defenders on ''Cover'' rather than defend etc. It just allows them to pull back and give sandro and my other midfield time to track back. Not ideal, because i rather have a stopper and cover, but so far its been working. Ive always thought stayed on feet means they avoid sliding too much, but rash tackles can still happen if you add ''closing down more''. Thats what i thought anyway.
  8. Not a wholesale change, but i had to made little tweaks to the individual mentality for my full backs and midfield for example. I am getting alot more red/ yellow cards, with ''Closing down more'' and ''getting stuck in''. The formation shape remains the same. Like i said, this team has the players to perform in whichever mould you want. Its more ''optimising'' in my opinion.
  9. Hey Enders, Thanks for your comment. I was stoked to get lewandowski. He didnt do too well in the first season, and i think its because the whole team need serious bonding. Now he is truly firing on everything. What a steal, and still young! I will go with your suggestions for the defenders. I feel Vlad is a decent backup, and i want to feel safe with another quality defender in the works in case of an injury crisis. Just one observation, Capoue seems like a better performer than Paulinho for me. I like him in real life, but capoue is much more effective. Might be to do with his physical stats i guess.
  10. Im into my second season. Grabbed Fourth in my first. I kept the core of the first team, with my key players with Lamela (Who turned up in the last quarter of the season), Dembele (He is so good with the ball), and the solid defence between Kaboul, Vertongen and Walker. Players sold first season: Adebayor, Lennon, Carroll, Defoe. Good money each of them. Bought: Luke shaw, and lewandowski. Lewan was a stroke of genius by baldini for 15m and belanta. There were so many struggles in the first season, especially at blending of the team. So the first half of the season, i was a battle to keep myself from conceding goals, to actually scoring them. Alas, with the tactical set up being competent, it became easy peasy, though i couldnt keep a possession game. I requested to remove the philosophy out of my job requirements. Now in the second season, Sold: Dembele (I know, i know, but it was for 27m), Soldado (30 M), Bought: Veratti (replacement for dembele. i saved 7m), and timo werner + victor fisher. I was contemplating of selling siggy, but he is truly a consistent performer for me, scoring vital goals. So ive kept him. In my first game with manchester united, (and this was after the new patch update), i took a 1 goal lead (Corner ;P) but my reliable paulinho got sent sent off. I switch to my defensive formation. Thanks to capaoue + sandro in their usual beast-mode, Manchester only had 5 shots on goal. My thoughts: I feel with this team, there are alot of formations and tactics you can experiment with. This group of players arent exactly master of their class, but they are very proficient in which role you want to set them up in. Erickson is my Shadow striker by the way. Heres my line up: Lloris. Walker. Belanta. Vertonghen. Shaw. Sandro (Half Back or BWM). Veratti (DLP). Capoue or Paulinho (CM Support)/ Erikson(SS) in a attacking version, two inside forwards with Lamela, and Townsend. Fisher is my backup. Lewandowski (F9) Timo is backup. Next to buy is a youthful defender to learn under the tutelage of Vert.
  11. ''So, the whole team except you is happy with the training load? That's what you are telling me? Take your time to reply to that. o,O''
  12. I am willing to give SI a chance. Though, in the last couple of years, the installation of the game and making it run smoothly has been a chore than anything else. I understand the decision made here, though i am not happy about it, i will give it one more chance. I have never used steam, and i dont really want to, but i have no choice. My question to you, if it is giving me tons of problems, i will not be playing FM anymore, until another method arrives. Do i get my money back if i cannot get to play the game through steam, as experienced by many of these posters before me? Thanks (I have been playing since the beginning, and it is the ONLY game i play.)
  13. That is actually a really useful tidbit! Thanks for that.
  14. My heartbreak..Rooney

    Dude!! I feel so much better now!!!
  15. My heartbreak..Rooney

    Match fixing does happen my friend. Ive bet you have never seen the Thailand Vs Indonesia game before. (PS: The people who were chasing the scorers were actually the strikers.)