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  1. Last season Flanagan was tops when he had a run in the side, gone on loan second season though, so thinking of moving Johnson on at the end of the season, Flanagan and Kelly i think sorts RB for awhile. Skrtle though has been immense for me, dunno who i could bring in though, but the money issue would mean i could only buy for what ive sold as ive got no money left!
  2. Im at a dilemma fellas.. Man City are about to come in for Johnson, Skyrtle and Agger.. No chance of Agger going, but im thinking of moving on the first 2 mentioned. Im about 10 games into my second season, sitting top atm. Advice guys ?
  3. Hey everyone! Havnt been round for awhile, but picked up FM12 last week and am loving it ! Came 2nd in my first season 9 points behind City (After sitting 15th then going on a run of 18wins) Saved my season! Second season im looking for some one who can cover bother Lucas (BWM) and Adam (DLP). Am struggling to think of anyone, but dont want someone who will cost a fortune! Braught Cavani in first season, absolute beast! Brang in Affaley on loan in January but didnt do much! Have just got rid of Carrol, Maxi, Jones and Doni. And got Lavezzi plus a couple of youngsters. Also im in need of a decent young back up for Pepe, tried for Stegen but he opted for Porto which was a pain!
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