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  1. Aswell sometimes you get a little bored of games in the middle of the season and you get no messages for a few days, so i think you should be able to skip watching a game, and catch the result and scorers etc. after the game - so you can complete a season a little quicker.
  2. Hi, I avent been on this thread for a while, and i dont know if these suggestions have been said, but just incase: . You should be able to take over as a manager, like Tony Pulis for Stoke, Alex Ferguson for Manu etc. So the game is more realistic - because i dont see pulis getting sacked after he got stoke promoted !! .You should be able to take out a loan to pay for a player and repay the debt over a period of time which you selected . Also, if you make an offer on a good player that no one else has offered for - suddenly about 5 clubs are instantly making offers and it keeps increasing. . When the attributed are hidden - you should be able to get a scout to get a scout report to uncover the attributes, instead of leaving them blank untiil theyre in your team. . Finally, i agree with the person who said that players who came through the youth academy are always all rubbish or worthless , when in todays day players are constantly coming through and becoming star players and worth millions!
  3. I think in FM they each year you should get offers from top brands or new brands that want to sponsor you, instead of forcing one youve never heard of, also you should be able to request new strips that you could give the colours n style of it. Ive played with stoke for 4 seasons now, and in the first season i got promoted and then i qualified for euro 2 times then come 2nd, but ive never been able to change strips :S.
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