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  1. I think it's an interesting concept. After all, positional familiarity should be mostly about where on the pitch a player is. Different approaches within those positions (e.g. a more/less defensive minded midfielder) are more about attributes. Something I thought about a while ago was 4 vs 3 man defences. Full backs often adapt well to playing on either side of a 3-man central defense, because they are pretty close to their usual position, but they would be a liability as the middle defender or in the middle of a back 4. But FM can't quite replicate this with the current positional famili
  2. I agree that it's difficult to implement this well and there is a whole rabbit hole of problems here. But I also believe that extending the current approach to penalise more mental attributes would be a simple way to improve the situation and increase realism, with no negative effects.
  3. I feel like there is a lot of missing the point here. The tests suggest that According to the CA attribute weighting, decisions is very important. But according to the match engine, decisions is less important. This is why given many teams of equal player CA, the team with higher decisions performs worse: because the CA attribute weighting does not correspond to importance of attributes in the match engine. Given that the AI and the player's advice relies on CA to judge a player's ability, and not individual attributes, this definitely needs improving.
  4. Can we get back to the point of this thread? Is it not reasonable that more mental attributes should be affected by playing somebody out of position?
  5. I do not think it is appropriate to use the term debunked, because it suggests there is no problem at all, when that is patently not true. Sure, the decisions attribute does have an effect, but not as much as the attribute weighting suggests it should. Anyway, I would appreciate it if you addressed the actual point of my post.
  6. It was not debunked. It is clear from the tests that while the decisions attribute has an affect, it is clearly overweighted in the CA calculation and has much less impact in the match engine. Therefore it is no surprise that playing a player out of position, which only impacts decisions, is fine so long as the player has the necessary qualities for that position. But this makes no sense at all! Consider a player who can only play in central midfield, and whose attacking movement (Off the ball) and anticipation is excellent. Would his movement and anticipation as a striker also
  7. Huh, how interesting. I'm guessing that's new for FM 17 (I only moved on from 16 recently).
  8. So, I just finished season one winning the title as Chelsea, and was baffled to discover that Barcelona are apparently due a bonus for my premier league victory! Any clue what might be happening here?
  9. So, almost 8 months have passed and this easily resolved issue is yet to be addressed.
  10. In FM 2016 you can use the search filter Transfer > Last Club (which searches any previous club name).
  11. Any chance of a response to this? It's pretty simple to fix...
  12. Another example: And what it should look like, if I add the correct font import statements:
  13. It looks like the forum is only loading the normal weight (400) version of Open Sans. This means that text in bold font (700 weight) looks horribly blurry Example: To fix this you need to explicitly load the normal and bold weight version of the font from google fonts.
  14. I've heard this before and always found it a bit strange. Surely the Positioning and Off the Ball attributes should take an equally big hit? For instance, put a holding midfielder in central defence when they are unfamiliar with the position. Their positioning as a DM might be excellent but they would surely struggle in the back 4. Furthermore, if the effect of playing someone out of position really is so small, why do assistant managers give players such low star ratings if they are even accomplished rather than natural? It's totally misleading!
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