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  1. Mr H any chance of 41212 for FM11 demo/full release?
  2. LOL:D. If you're so impatient... Make your own tactic and top Mr Hough xD. Simple HAHA 1st served! 1st download is mine . Domo arigatou!
  3. Amazing! Looks like completed tac already haha . I will hold my horses though, for now .
  4. Wow. What a brilliant performance from that new one :o. Amazing work :o.
  5. It is changed to 442. Download and see for yourselves. Omg. He is not going to change tactic file name lol .
  6. Plus it's a good idea to get numbered sliders. Downloadable somewhere in Skinning hideout ;0.
  7. Just like defensive line. Defensive line is on 12 so middle +2 = 12 . Yes, cragswfc 12 is right .
  8. Still JP I see it gets massive amounts of draws. Trying to figure that one out.
  9. If you don't want to wait. Make your own tactic. Simple as that. It's WHAT you're SUPPOSED to do anyway.
  10. Hahaha I laughed hard. You don't even know kiddo who JP is. He made Clough tactics for FM2009 and FM2010. He is well known on FM scene.
  11. When it's done ffs. Buy some patience people :/.
  12. Can't you read? No. He already explained what he did. Put all players closing down to middle. That's it.
  13. Does this mean you moved closing down slider on GK to middle too?
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