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  1. Halfway through season 1, although playing the demo. Currently using two formations: 4-2-3-1 (Two DMs): Adapted this formation from Cleon's thread on 4-2-3-1. Often change Pogba's role to AP - s in order to get him to drop deeper to collect the ball from midfield. Used for weaker opposition and easy home games or as an attacking switch from the 5-3-2 WB formation when I needed to score. 5-3-2 (Two WBs): This formation was used when playing against stronger opponents, often when playing away from home and against those that were predicted to play 3 in midfield. Have had very good results with it. Stopped playing though cause I got bored. Finding it too easy as I'm comfortably 1st in PL, 8 points clear of Chelsea who are in 2nd place. Only got to December though. Edit: I also frequently change mentality based on how the game is going. So sometimes I start with standard and switch to control when chasing a game or switch from control to standard when looking to protect a lead.
  2. @looping Try changing the fullbacks to Wingbacks on support duty. That could give your wide midfielders better support.
  3. I'm sure this has already been suggested but I'd love to see actual match commentary within the game. Would be nice to hear the voices of people such as Martin Tyler, Peter Drury, etc. This could be similar to the MOTD style of commentary. I think in between actual highlights we could have two people discussing things happening at the clubs who are playing, e.g. Man Utd manager benching Memphis... something of the sort. I do however acknowledge the possible difficulties of implementing this concept within the game (possibly too many variables and eventualities to be coded). But I do feel that this is an idea that could take the game up a notch higher.
  4. Hi guys. How does a 2015 MacBook pro 15-inch handle the 3D match engine? Looking to purchase one after the release of the 16.3 patch. I currently own a HP Pavilion dv6-3108ea which simply isn't up to scratch any more. MacBook specs: 2.2 Ghz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor 16GB RAM 256 GB storage Intel Iris Pro Graphics Is there any need to get the 512GB version, with additional AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics instead?
  5. When I open device manager under the 'Action' tab I only have the help option. EDIT: I found the 'Scan for Hardware Changes'. So how do I update drivers if possible?
  6. Hi guys. Been playing fm since fm13 on my currrent laptop(didnt buy it myself). Its only until today that i found out my laptop doesnt meet the minimum system requirements. Recently tried out the FM16 demo and on my laptop the 3D ME is similar to the ME of FM14. The engine on my laptop doesnt run like the official fm videos posted on youtube, eg fewer amount of animations, players wearing same coloured boots, etc. I have a: HP Pavilion dv6-3108ea Entertainment Notebook PC 2.53 GHz Intel Core i5-460M Processor 6GB RAM 500 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive 7200 rpm Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Graphics (which I deleted accidentally and now doesnt appear in my device manager after trying to update drivers:() Intel® HD Graphics (in device manager under display drivers this is the only one that appears:() Got more than 80GB free disk space The only problem with this laptop is its 3D graphics capability, which was 2.5* (average rating) on FM15 but now its 1.5* (poor rating) on FM16 Demo. Performance wise its very good. Processes the game reasonably well. Usually have 4 or 5* for computer performance and game speed if I remember well (cba to post a screenshot:lol:) Also have this Will I have to buy a new laptop to play 3D matches well or how exactly can I update drivers? I noticed that I don't have the Nvidia one.
  7. My 3D graphics are currently set to "low". Even on "very high" there's no difference
  8. @HUNT3R I've actually just compared my game footage to that of the the official FM16 videos posted on youtube and my 3D view doesn't look the same. Players still all wearing the same boots, even during a Utd- Liverpool game. Doesn't look right to me.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply HUNT3R. I'm managing Manchester United. Played 2 pre-season friendlies so far and all players on the pitch were wearing exactly the same boots.
  10. Hi guys. I'm currently playing the demo version. I have noticed that some elements of the 3D match engine don't look the same as that of the full version. For example, players all wearing the same boots instead of different coloured ones. Is it because of the graphics quality I'm using?
  11. I have seen such an issue before. This was however, back when I used to play fm10. I never managed to pinpoint the actual reason for players moving like this, as I assumed it was due to the graphics card my computer had at the time. Hope this helps clarify the issue a bit lol
  12. Hello everyone. This is my very first thread on the SI community. I have been playing FM since 2010 ( BEST PC GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED AND THE MOST REALISTIC FOOTBALL GAME TO HAVE BEEN CREATED IMO) and usually frequent the forums on here in search of help for playing the game. Of late I have read a couple of threads from Cleon and Rashidi (if that's how it's spelt? ) and have gained some very useful insights into the game. What interested me was one of Cleon's threads about building a defensively solid tactic for FM and was amazed with the amount of success achieved. With this in mind, I decided to start a new game with Luton Town FC, which is a League 2 side within the English division. Now in previous FMs I have NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER used any other teams apart from Manchester United, due to it being my favourite team, and I have enjoyed relative success on the game with them. Throughout my time playing FM, I have only ever used a defensive tactic as a 3rd choice tactic to use in games where I am the underdog, which would realistically be few and far between due to United's stature and quality of players. With this different challenge I seek to gauge my overall ability in this game with a long term save and I decided to choose a team in the 4th division of English football. I sought to build upon Cleon's ideas and come up with a defensive tactic that not only defends well, but transitions well and attacks well too. At present, I'm not doing very well tbh (I'll get onto this in a minute lol) and so therefore I have sought the help of other FMers who could possibly offer more advice as to what's not working out with the tactic. I intend to be as thorough as possible (well not Cleon-thorough but close enough ). The Club So here is the first screenie of the club that I'm using: It is also imperative to note that the club has adequate training facilities and poor youth facilities, although the board accepted to improve the latter. As u can see I'm currently 8th in the League, which is disappointing considering that I expect promotion to League 1. Training Some of those who I have assigned individual training focus cannot be seen in the screenshot. They are as follows: Nathan Oduwa - "Agility" set to "Heavy" Paul Benson - "Deep Lying Forward" set to "Heavy" Jayden Stockley - "Deep Lying Forward" set to "Heavy" I will definitely change the above as the season goes on, as the tactic is now almost fully learnt by the team, and I will rotate the individual training focus of the players from time to time. (Adapted from Cleon) I won't delve into this too much. Suggestions are always welcome though. The Tactic I decided to employ a 3-4-1-2 formation with two wingbacks. I chose a defensive mentality and a highly structured team shape as I want players to stick to their respective positions as much as possible, making it very difficult to break down when without possession. I also sought to create a potent attacking threat through the use of wingbacks. When in possession I want players to be calm and composed while on the ball, playing short simple passes and playing out of the defence. What I've seen in the ME however is a stark contrast to how I want them to play (will be discussed further on in the thread). The players shown in the starting 11 are those that I played for the first few games. I did change it up a little however, which I'll show later on. Here are the team instructions used to recreate my idea for the way I want the team to play: Player Instructions These are based on the starting 11 shown in the screenshot above: GK - (Defend): distribute to centre backs, take short kicks, slow pace down CWB - (Attack): close down less, cross aim far post WB - (support): close down less, stay wider, pass it shorter RCB - (Cover): close down less, pass it shorter CB - Stopper: close down more, tackle harder, pass it shorter LCB - (Cover): close down less, pass it shorter DLP* - (Defend): close down less, pass it shorter BBM - (Support): close down less, get further forward, more direct passes Trequartista* - (Attack): more direct passes DLF - (Suppport): roam from position, pass it shorter Poacher - (Attack): move into channels * I haven't set up instructions for specific players in these roles. Anyone who plays in these roles will automatically have to follow the instructions given. PPMs These are based on the starting 11. I will include any useful PPMs that other players outside of the starting 11 have in my next post. GK - (Defend): None CWB - (Attack): Gets Forward Whenever Possible WB - (support): Runs With Ball Down Left, Does Not Dive Into Tackles RCB - (Cover): None CB - Stopper: Shoots With Power, Marks Opponents Tightly LCB - (Cover): Does Not Dive Into Tackles DLP* - (Defend): Gets Forward Whenever Possible, Tries Killer Balls Often, Shoots With Power, Argues With Officials --- This is Luke Guttridge's PPMs BBM - (Support): None Trequartista* - (Attack): Runs With Ball Down Right, Knocks Ball Past Opponent --- Shaun Whalley's PPMs DLF - (Suppport): None Poacher - (Attack): None Key Players Here are some of the players who would be pivotal to the promotion push: CD - (Stopper) The captain of the side, Steve McNulty would be a crucial part of my defensive strategy, which I will talk about when discussing individual PIs. WB - (Support) My left wingback will be responsible for providing width on the left when we're in possession, and providing short simple passes to others. CWB - (Attack) My right wingback is more adventurous in his attacking, which is why I've given him the complete wingback duty. I'm specifically looking for him to provide the main attacking threat, driving forward down the byline and whipping in crosses to the far post for my poacher to finish off. DLP - (Defend) Guttridge is a player I've had issues with, which is partly my fault as i forgot to check his PPMs. He has "Gets Forward Whenever Possible", " Tries Killer Balls Often", "Shoots With Power" and "Argues With Officials". By putting him as a DLP on defend duty, which requires him to hold position, I am not playing him to his strengths as he likes to bomb forward regularly as suggested by his PPMs. This could be a reason why I haven't been solid defensively. I did change this later on into the season however, and I'll show this later on in the thread. BBM - (Support) Nathan Doyle is another extremely good player for my Luton side who plays in the heart of the midfield. He is responsible for driving forward to support the front two, as well as help out defensively by making tackles on the edge of the area, and tracking runners. DLF - (Support) What I've been looking for from Stockley is for him to drop deep when we have possession, linking up with the midfielders and complete wingback on the right, as well as creating the space for Doyle to run into. DLF - (Support) Paul Benson. Experienced player with a couple of good attributes. Just recently got injured. Can also play as a defensive forward. I have made use of this role recently but not to great effect tbh (CAN'T INCLUDE SCREENSHOT AS I'D EXCEED LIMIT FOR NUMBER OF IMAGES). Poacher - (Attack) Generally, Oduwa is expected to score goals by finishing off well constructed team moves. Andy Drury is currently injured. I had planned to use him as the holding player next to Doyle on the left side of midfield. That's why I've been playing Guttridge there for the time being. Results Here are my results so far: Despite winning 3 out of the 6 competitive games played so far, the performances have been far from pleasing. I didnt include the pre-season friendlies in the screenshot though as it's the competitive games I'm more concerned with. Although it is important to note that I played a total of 7 friendlies (2 wins, 3 losses, 2 draws). New Signings One thing I like about FM, having never played in the lower leagues, is how they've made it difficult for me to sign players. My team have a budget of about £180,000 and I'm limited to 8 loan signings, 3 of which have already been made by the club before I began the save. After not having much success in the transfer market, I did manage to sign a couple of decent players. Here is the overall summary of my dealings so far: I forked out a lot of money by League 2 standards for this player. He's been very ineffective so far, as he's yet to score since joining the club. I think he's played about 4 games. Playing him as the Poacher. Treq - (Attack) Jones is an AM I got on loan from Middlesbrough. I want him to play the Trequartista role, looking for spaces, dropping deep in midfield, and being the playmaker in the side. Yet to play a game. I intend to play him in attacking midfield as a trequartista aswell. Conundrums Here I will highlight some of the issues that I have been experiencing in more detail. I will begin from the defence upwards. The first issue I have for now concerns the distribution of the ball in my own half. I've noted that from goal kicks, my GK will pass the ball to my LCB (Andy Parry(MAIN OFFENDER)) who after receiving the ball will then hoof it upfield to either my poacher (Oduwa) or my DLF (Stockley). Obviously on most occasions it falls to the opposing defenders. I'm not sure if it's because of a lack of available passing options or just lack of composure on the ball as I've set all my CBs to pass the ball shorter anyway. Only my central CB (McNulty) appears to be following this instruction as he does pass it to either of the CBs, wing backs or defensive mids when he receives it from my GK. I also feel that on occasion my two midfielders struggle to close the gap between them and the central defenders during attacks by the opposition after play has broken down for us. As instructed, the CBs are not pushing up to close the gap, apart from the central CB. This has led to some screamers being scored against me and I'll show this in more detail in my next post (s). Additionally, my forward link up play has been dire. My poacher is not finishing the chances that he does get. I've also noticed that my two strikers are isolated when my team is defending as both mids and the Treq are too deep in our own half. Surprisingly enough, I actually wanted this from the mids and the AM but I feel that my transitions are really letting me down. Any suggestions on how I can better the AM would be appreciated aswell. And the disaster that has been my set-pieces will be discussed in my next post(s). The problem here might be that I haven't set defensive set-pieces as match preparation in the earlier games as I wanted the players to learn the tactic first and foremost. Anything that I'm not doing or doing wrong I kindly ask for assistance lol. Other issues, in-game statistics and video analysis will be included in my next post(s). I will also highlight (with screenshots), some of the changes that I made in an attempt to deal with some of the issues I've been experiencing. In addition to this, other very important aspects of the game for this long term save that I haven't touched upon are youth recruitment, scouting and coaches. Next post(s)!! Apologies for the lack of actual detail into the issues affecting my team on the pitch. This is all I can share for now due to time constraints and image restrictions in the real world lol. I have looked at footage from two of my previous games in full on the 3D match engine. I now have to take the time to look at other more recent games in full and upload the relevant videos. This is just the beginning of my journey to the EPL. Please bear with me and stay tuned!!
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