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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation and all your help. I’ve gone with positive mentality and implemented the CWB and BWM and I’m seeing good results even though it’s just pre season. Will provide an update once I’ve gone further into the season
  2. Thanks for that explanation, I’ll try out the CWB and CF roles and see how it goes. One last thing, what’s your take on mentality? How do I decide on which one to use? Is it simply a case of risk level? Cause sometimes I’m unsure. I remember reading on here a while back that counter attack can be played even with positive or attacking mentalities and it has worked quite well for me in my last save. I have a separate 3-5-2 tactic which is quite potent when playing big teams. So if I wanted a possession based style, would selecting a lower mentality be better?
  3. Ok I’ll make those adjustments and see how it plays out. Also, what do CWBs offer that is different from normal WBs? I’ve never really used that role in game before as not sure what it exactly does. And do you think I would be better off making Kane a complete forward in this setup?
  4. Yeah the formation is like that. Gonna take a few guesses... the RWB on attack to provide a runner from deep that can link up with Lo Celso? And the BWM on defence to cover for the attacking runs of the RWB, with the supporting DLP contributing more further forward?
  5. Started a new save with Spurs a few days ago before I deleted it as results weren't great. Tactic: 3-4-3 Kane (DLFat) Son (SSat) Lo Celso (AMsu) Reguilon (WBsu) Ndombele (DLPde) Hojbjerg / Sissoko (BWMsu) Doherty / Aurier (WBde) Jose Gimenez(CDde) Alderweireld (BPDde) Ben White (CDde) Andre Onana (SKde) Team Instructions In Possession: play out of defence
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll implement some things mentioned and see whether results improve
  7. I thought about using a 3-5-2 but settled on 4-4-2 as I thought it would be better for transitions in a counter attacking tactic. I want the wingers to mainly be part of those transitions and in a 4-4-2 they start further up the pitch than in a 3-5-2 which would use wingbacks. I also thought 2 solid blocks of 4 would be better for remaining compact in defence. I'll set up a 3-5-2 with a DM and see whether I can get some results with that. Thanks!
  8. Keep coming back to play this game as I've got time. Playing with Wolves and keep getting sacked midway through the season. I'm wondering whether my reputation has an effect on how quickly the board is to react to poor runs of results. I've got Sunday League rep and Continental C license i think. Picked the lowest rep and badge to make it realistic but I think it's making the game much harder as players don't really respond to team talks as well when you've got a low rep. Anyway, here's how my last save has gone: 6 - 3 home loss against Chelsea was when I had Adama
  9. Fair enough. My experience with long shots is entirely the opposite of yours. Whenever I see the opposition laying it off on the edge of the area or even slightly further out I instantly expect it to be a goal no matter which player it is. And it happens to me regardless of the opposition. I've had a look at a few threads on counter attacking here, especially the ones where Experienced Defender has replied. I've applied the principles imo but I'm not getting any success. I initially struggled with pressing but once I tweaked the formation by making it more top heavy and
  10. My overall impressions from FM20: Long shots way too OP - played against Man City with Wolves and the most infuriating thing I've ever had happen in FM was Rodri scoring a hatrick against me bearing in mind that these were all long shots way out of the box and iirc 2 of them were with his weaker foot and one was on the half volley. Rui Patricio is no slouch in the game so I just couldn't accept what I was seeing. Lost the game 6 -1 and I was at home. Even though it's City but still. In fact the amount of long shot goals in this version are wayyyy tooo many. This was not the way I rememb
  11. Thanks for the feedback mate. After doing some more research I think I can compromise on the storage. I have a 2TB external which should do for now. So happy to get recommendations with 256GB SSD. £1000 is a bit too much for me so happy to lower my expectations a bit. Last gen processor would be just fine aswell although I'd like to future proof as much as I can ideally. Also something Smurf posted that processor and graphics card are the priority kind of leans me towards the 10th gen ones but again happy to be recommended any 9th gens too. For now my top picks are as follows:
  12. Looking for a new laptop. Budget is £600 but willing to go up to £800. Main requirements are: Plays 3D match engine well on medium or high settings Minimum 512GB storage, preferably SSD Has a good webcam positioned in the usual spot (i.e. directly in front of face) as I plan to create a lot of video content. Saw a nice Huawei laptop on Amazon that ticked pretty much every box but had a camera in such a weird position Good for video editing 8GB RAM as minimum, 16GB preferred 15.6" screen 10th gen processors preferred but not a deal breaker Most imp
  13. Halfway through season 1, although playing the demo. Currently using two formations: 4-2-3-1 (Two DMs): Adapted this formation from Cleon's thread on 4-2-3-1. Often change Pogba's role to AP - s in order to get him to drop deeper to collect the ball from midfield. Used for weaker opposition and easy home games or as an attacking switch from the 5-3-2 WB formation when I needed to score. 5-3-2 (Two WBs): This formation was used when playing against stronger opponents, often when playing away from home and against those that were predicted to play 3 in midfield.
  14. Hi guys. How does a 2015 MacBook pro 15-inch handle the 3D match engine? Looking to purchase one after the release of the 16.3 patch. I currently own a HP Pavilion dv6-3108ea which simply isn't up to scratch any more. MacBook specs: 2.2 Ghz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor 16GB RAM 256 GB storage Intel Iris Pro Graphics Is there any need to get the 512GB version, with additional AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics instead?
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