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  1. This game doesn't fill me with confidence. Should have scored another one there.
  2. - Getting loads of scouts and finding a world class player for peanuts - Bringing youth players up to become first team players - Stadium + facility upgrades - A healthy pot of money
  3. This sounds interesting...but what the hell is it?
  4. Moral plays such a big part in my setup. If it dips then I'm in big trouble but if it's very good the results just seem to get better and better.
  5. You'd probably have to play the long game with this one. There's a chance he could become unsettled in the future but by then you'll probably have other options.
  6. He played up to 40? That's a lot of game play for anyone!
  7. It's interesting I never remember seeing Messi this far back in the series, with those stats I can understand why! It'll be interesting to see what other stars FM didn't rank as wonderkids.
  8. I know it's already been discussed but Cristian Pavón from Boca Juniors has been one of the most improved players on my save. Name: Cristian Pavón Position: Attacking Midfielder (Left), Striker (Centre) /AM © Age: 19 Club: Boca Value: 875k Sale Value: £8.75Million Atlético Madrid in 2016/17 Work Permit Needed: Probably
  9. The income/expenditure/wages tab shows past dates, but you are right the summary screen only shows projection.
  10. I prefer the shirts but the squares work better on touch screens.
  11. The beta's going to be released this weekend isn't it? I've got a bloody wedding to go to
  12. I like that your winning games but dropping down in ranks, is that because the opposition isn't strong enough?
  13. I think you can have 3 senior players in the squad?
  14. He only managed 9 goals in his 5th season on my save but he did manage 24 assists. His contract now runs out at the end of the 6th season and he's demanding £220k+, so I think it will be his last.
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