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  1. Yes Thats Right we got the West Brom Job big step up from Wigan. 25 Million to Spend lets get in a few players!
  2. End Of Season 2018/19 Team Awards End Of Season Fixtures League Table Horrible Middle Half of the Season... Contract is Ending im planning on leaving have a few decent teams that we could manage if interviews go our way
  3. I was doing a save at Pana and got 2 superstars after 2 years then have freak facilities which is great
  4. Youth Intake 2019 Horrible wont even show you the players
  5. January Update Ins (No Outs only loans) League Schedule Cups Table
  6. Summer Transfer Window Round Up In's Out's Mainly Rotation Options Zbynek Holub Joao Pereira Randall Azofeifa Chancel Mayasi Thor Callum Gribbin
  7. July 1st Transfer Update Oumar Sangare David Obermajer Jan Nemac Alfred Gomis
  8. FFS Mustafi... At least we can talk about Sol Campbell
  9. Championship Playoffs Semi-Final Leg 1 Wil Grigg is on fire! We beat the odds and Beat Reading in leg 1! Leg 2 And..... We Choke it our whole team comes up short of our 2 goal lead from the first leg. On the bright side we went from last in the league all the way too 6th. Hopefully we can challenge next year
  10. End of Season Final Fixtures Final League Table WE DID IT! We got a playoff spot! From 24th to 6th Reading will be a tough opponent but lets hope Wil Grigg stays on fire!
  11. Youth Intake 2018 Jack Fuller Gareth Brooks Matt James
  12. Forgot about a few Could verywell be a starter in a few years if he grows correctly Cost 10k Another Norwegian, Again hopefully grows good Cost 10k
  13. League Update Fixtures What a run! losing only 1 league game Wigan have been on Fire! League Table i am hoping to god we can get a Playoff spot that would be amazing! Only 9 points back from 6th it is possible if we can continue our rich Form