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  1. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Going to start with arsenal as my beta save then a youth challenge with a club in hungary idk what club yet
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  3. Youth Intake 2022 Only notable player
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  5. Gustavo Cordoba As a joke i put him on Penalty Duty after we went 1-0 up in the FA cup vs Man City from a penalty and this happened... EDIT Got it too better Quality
  6. Golden Boy!
  7. Brexit idk if this is Medium or Easy but its what we got
  8. Summer Transfer Round Up Outs Schedule Table
  9. The Blues! After going the full season on not finding anyone the Blues were willing to offer me a Job i just couldn't resist
  10. Some Bad News Well then... We were Starting to pick up just we would take a lead and in the last few mins of the game we would choke it...
  11. Summer 2020 Ins Outs Schedule Standings Well great start eh?... Nope we are doing horrible if i want to keep my job im going to have to pick this up or i might not have a job come January...
  12. End of Year Review 2019/20 What a Year! Schedule Table WE DID IT WEST BROM GOT CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL WOOOOOO Player Stats Nice Personal achievement End Of Season Awards
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  14. January Update Ins Full Transfer ins through Season Outs January Schedule League Standings We are 5th! Liverpool City and Chelsea are having off season as long as our form stays we should be able to get Europe for next year!