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  1. I Dont know if this is allowed in this spot or if it has another place, but im currently running a EHM sim league! You make trades with gm's through discord and i sim season by season going through the draft etc. you msg me (TheRealMbb) contract offers for FA's or resigning players. https://discord.gg/ZYwG8RN We currently have 8 open spots and teams may have some changes made to it etc. Current open Teams Carolina Hurricanes Tampa bay Lightning Calgary Flames San Jose Sharks Edmonton Oilers Vegas Golden Knights Dallas Stars Los Angles Kings Ottawa Senators New Jersey Devils Minnesota Wild Vancouver Canucks Chicago Blackhawks Montreal Canadiens
  2. 2019 Youth Intake Not really the best Intake but some decent players Pretty good AM however we dont need a AM really so hopefully he could be sold for a decent amount A nice CB he is versatile and if we can get his determination up he could be a very good player A nice CM mans got potential but i dont know if he can live up to it
  3. yeah thats something i want to take advantage of in this save i would have preferred selling him to a mid table team in the top 5 league because he is more likely to get that big money move but we can only hope he moves for decent money too City Madrid or Barcelona etc. in a few year
  4. Our First Sale Big sale... we sold Campos he requested a move on Deadline day so im like OK WE CAN KEEP HIM FOR AT LEAST TILL SUMMER NOPE psg comes in with a bid i reject he gets pissed negotiated to 4.2 mil and 50% future sell on clause not bad but i couldnt bring anyone in so i think we are f*cked...
  5. Tied for 6th but as we have a -5 goal difference we are sitting in 8th Campos is carrying us HARD We had a good run in late September and October but we ended up having a bad month of November meaning we weren't able to get into the Championship group places
  6. Standings and Player Stats: Schedule: Seemed like we didnt want to play D in the 1 game BUT Campos has been lighting it up i think if he scores it should be considered a good game New Tactic: Did a proper squad evaluation A Also Campos is so GOOD he has 8 F*cking goals in 3 games he is literally Jesus
  7. Transfers Meisel: Was a B 93 youth product played 7 games already om the 2nd div, hopefully can develop into a starting LB Jorgensen: Another young FA let go by 2nd div club and he could be amazing going to be playing on the bench this season but defo has potential to be a first team regular easy Riese: Needed more depth in midfield brought this guy in to play starting DM very good player surprised i could bring him in. Vrancic: Obviously a starter in CM doesn't really have the pace but in a 3 man midfield he should be completely fine Andersen: Defo has bags of potential he also came from B 93 played 25 games and scored 9 goals decent for a 17 year old could develop very nicely Campos: Was just casually looking through the October 2017 Regens in Africa and the world and looking for free players with no composition and OMG this guy he is WAY to good for the club but he is already a club legend i am so hyped for this guy he actually has the potential to be the best player in the world
  8. CHAMPIONS!!!!! What a run to the end of the season was a thrill that came down to the last day and we pulled it out of our arse! I Kinda simmed to far and lost player stats but all i remember is Petre had 17 goals in the league now going to see if i can get any decent FA's or cheap players to bring in for the new season!
  9. Youth Intake 2018 These are probably the best prospects from this intake very good intake a few potentially star players for us
  10. League Table Winter Break starts and don't have a game till beginning of March going to have to play a couple friendlies We need to learn to score its costing us Petre is our only real goal scorer i will try and bring in a backup but with no money and no wages i dont believe i will be able to
  11. End of first stage. Finances are a big problem I have no idea how we are losing so much money i am over wages by 4k and it just doesnt make sense. I started with $300k in the bank and now i have lost 1.3 mil all together not making 1 signing for money if anyone has any ideas i would love to know
  12. So i tried to free up the wage bill as some how i got 5k over and i also somehow started with 300k in finances and we are down to -500k tried to get rid of 4 players only got 2 out -_- Mathias is going to lead our back line on load from Oostende in Belguim he is the ex Manchester City player and he is very good for our division Tactic and formation i am playing. I am goingn to probably make a more attacking tactic but for know i am getting decent results and it seems to work. Starting off 4-1-1 is pretty good only thing i could ask for is more goal scoring as out keeper has kept 5 clean sheets in the league. My Subs and starting 11 this is who i will use throughout the season mainly. This kid was in when i started and oh my is he good he has already been called up to the Denmark U19's and he could be leading this teams back line for years to come.
  13. The Goal is to Win the Champions League while the short term goal is to get promoted to the Superligaen and over time dethrone København from their supremacy. The reason i picked Esbjerg fB is because of their high youth facilities and they have a good history with 5 league titles to their name. I also would like to improve the level of football in Denmark and bring in a Golden generation of Danish talents.
  14. Greg Wiltjer was born in Whitehorse Canada. Life was never easy hunting with his friends and being secluded from the big cities. Greg was a athletic guy who loved all sports. He loved the sport of Basketball growing up, he went on to be drafted in the 2nd round of the NBA draft but his love for "Soccer" came to him when he played for FC Barcelona becoming a fan of the team. Once he retired from basketball he became a life long fan and dreamed to manage a team. After basketball Greg became a businessman in Esjerg Denmark. Overtime Greg studied his coaching licenses and after a long 20 years he finally got to his Continental A licence. As a joke he and his friends decided to apply for the open Job spot at the recently relegated Esbjerg fB, little did greg know this is where his football manager dream came to a reality...
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