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  1. Basın toplantısında şöyle bir çeviri var KiziniDovmeyen.jpeg Her ne kadar bu bizim için bir ata sözü olsa da bu konuda "cinsiyetçilik" minvalinde yorumlar yapılabilir. Bu sözün daha uygun başka bir sözle değiştirilmesi daha uygun olacaktır.
  2. there is another option too. I signed a player at 1st of July and he became upset as soon as he arrived club. FM Hikayeleri_ Inbox-2.png FM Hikayeleri_ Inbox.png
  3. At the start of the game I did not tick "use fake player and staff" but however there are so many fake staff and all of them are very high calibre staff. I cant stop hiring them :):) fake staff.png FMH- VfB Stuttgart_220619.fm
  4. Thanks @mentese I will post this also in my website by crediting turksportal.net
  5. @mentese thanks for the great effort and work. That's really important patch for lower league lovers. Can I share your patch at my football manager website fmhikayeleri.com ? Regards FMHikayeleri
  6. dave parnaby is also another missing man
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