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  1. Hi does anyone have a no CD crack for mac for FM09? my cd's very scratched and does always work. if anyone has one or knows where i can download one please let me know!! Thanks!!!
  2. i bet it dont get released today
  3. this has got to be the worst release of a game ever!! im so annoyed i got it on wed and not been able to play it properly
  4. When will it be ready? was told friday? then monday a few time sooo where is it?? dont post a link to a useless Thread!
  5. When will this be ready?? been waiting since friday
  6. FM09 Update for mac???

    when monday?? any times??
  7. FM09 Update for mac???

    was told yesterday!!
  8. when will the mac update be ready?? this must be the worst launch to a game ever!!
  9. is they an update for a the MAC?? yet? if soo where is it? cant find it anywhere??