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  1. Galatasaray has at least 10 injuries now in real. I am not talking about that. Previous years we didn't have that. Exceptions are not exceptions anymore if they happen often. And West Ham also had at least 2 long term injuries 3 years in a row? Season 2016? 2017? 2018? I am still playing the game? Hopefully this is just a huge coincidence.
  2. So you are normalizing 4 long term injuries in 4 months ok. Lets say its one in a billion. How come there is nothing to improve with ban? My player couldn't play more than 15 games because he got the 4th yellow card. I say check the saved game? Whats this unprofessionalism?
  3. Yea dude there is no logic to explain 1 broken leg, 1 broken ankle and 2 broken lower leg in only 4 months and no need to pretend like you are one of us, you work for FM. Its like my 100th feedback on this forum and whenever it is smth to be improved, there is always that guy with a sarcastic question. Dude just improve things because I kinda feel like I 'wasted' a whole week instead of 'spent' for this game. ps: if you decide take notes and improve things. In the first season there was one player named 'Didi' He took the 4th yellow card and banned for one game but he couldn't played for the rest of the season. I checked every match but ban was there which was writing only 4 yellow cards and one game. If you want I can send the saved game and you can check what was going on with the injuries and bans.
  4. Guys this is my 3rd year with Adanaspor. 1st year I got 2 long term injuries (broken lower leg for 2 players) 2nd year I got another 2 long term injuries (broken lower leg, broken foot) Since I enjoy the game I handled with it but! 3rd year I am on February (I got 2 players who has broken lower leg and 2 players who has broken foot) You guys are too experienced for this and it is a huge disappointment. I don't enjoy the game I am playing since I know that whoever I am gonna buy in transfer season he will be gone for a year
  5. I spent 3 years with the 2. division team and I moved up the premier league in the first year. I have lost 12 games average each year, I was wondering that even 12 of 12 games I had average 20 shot and opponents average 5 shots and why I lost it? I mentioned this goalkeeper issue several times. I see no point there is a goalkeeper in this game. Even the best goalkeepers gives you such insecurity since opponents just come and score. Because of all the (so-called) excitements you were adding in the game, it turns to be just frustration, it makes the game extremely predictable and again one more time I have played CM and FM for 20 years and I have never woke up from the dreamland as much as this game. I know which in game players are going to play careless and I am gonna warn them come on guys show a bit desire.. I know I will dominate the game but they are gonna come and score easily. But when it comes to me, opponent will clear the ball from the line it will hit the post so much confusion going on there. I am tired to say 'Havent you watched us? We were so unlucky' in the press conference. It makes the game really unrealistic when you see things one sided. I know your intention is good for sure but what you expect us to feel and what I feel is completely different. When they start attacking all i say is you know what they are gonna score so they score and uphill battle starts for you to turn the game. At the end of the game all you feel is frustration because you have 5-10 times more shots than your opponent but you lost. I agree there are some exceptions but %100 of my games like this. Only thing I feel in the game is frustration. I am not even feeling happy when I succeed at the end of the league because %90 of the league passes with unrealistic moments. If you guys want I send you saved game and check. You will agree when you see it. I hope there will be some improvements in the next update.
  6. I always rotate player that is why my team was fit but when your opponent start with %100 whole team, it doesnt go well for you. I have experienced this many times in this game. I have picked only Italian league so I can't see their schedule or league but all i know is i check my opponents in Europe 3-4 days before the game they are always %100. There is smth wrong. I can say I play this game only for Europe especially with Turkish teams so when this unfair incident happens, it annoys me a lot
  7. Is there any reason of all my opponents playing with %100 condition every single match against me? They never play in their leagues? I keep following their fixture and their fitness never go down to even %99. I am saying because this is the 3rd time I was knocked out from Europe. First with Gala, then Everton and now Fiorentina. I did everything to secure my first leg 3-1 victory against West Ham. In the second leg my team condition was average %94 since I played in the league. We had to play extra time and my team condition was average %65 and their players were %75 so they kept coming and dominating. I knew they were gonna score at the end. This is not fair. There must be an explanation on their not playing any league games.
  8. In the update Galatasaray's head coach is still Hamza Hamzaoglu which he was sacked last month. So I still have a doubt if it is updated
  9. It updated but I am not sure about it since both (old)saved game and new game has 16.2.0 750467(m.e.v1630). Shouldnt it supposed to ask if we want to play the old one or update version when we click start a new game?
  10. Comparison of the youth facilities of two Istanbul teams considering the last 15 years Galatasaray’s GOOD Youth Facilities: Bulent Korkmaz (Played for 20 years as a key player) Suat Kaya (Played for 10 years as a first team player) Emre Belozoglu (Played for Galatasaray 5 years as a key player. He also played for Inter, Newcastle, Atletico Madrid and Fenerbahce) Okan Buruk (Played for Galatasaray 12 years as a key player. He also played for Inter and Besiktas) Tugay Kerimoglu (Played for Galatasaray 12 years and Blackburn Rovers 9 years) Arda Turan (Barcelona player) Semih Kaya (Galatasaray’s first team player) Sabri Sarioglu (Galatasaray’s rotation player) Emre Colak (Galatasaray’s rotation player) Galatasaray's transfer spent this season: 4.5M euro Fenerbahce’s GREAT Youth Facilities: NONE! Fenerbahce’s transfer spent this season: 42M euro
  11. I am sorry but my winning ratio is around %75. I also became unbeaten champion with Panathinaikos. 0 loss. Which is another unrealistic issue. I am not having any problem with results. Board always says I am untouchable. You still dont get the point. Thats is why talking tactics sound funny since I am only talking about 2 games here
  12. I definitely agree with that. Gala showed horrible performance even this year. Atletico won 2-0 but they could won 5-0 at least if there wasnt Muslera but the thing is my current team is much stronger than the real Gala squad now. Thats why this score is shocking. There are 3 wonderkids in the team next to Sneijder Podolski Muslera Selcuk.. I just have imagined the team much different than this result
  13. Please teach me how to prevent Aguero's first 3 shot finds the net in the first 8 minute I didnt even go attack. I always play control balanced fluid basic things. There is nothing extreme. This is how I succeed last season. I have won against Manchester United 3-2 previous season at home. Morale was also high. Press conference all done as players pleased of my words. Team talks are where you left off and i expect much better performance in the second half Talking tactics sound funny but still I want you to see there is something weird. Imagine 4 defenders 1 defensive midfielder and 1 defensive midfield I am still found playing very open What should I do? Play with at least 7 defensive type players? They are not even dominating the game. When I lost to Bursaspor they had 8 shot and I had I think double of it. Manchester had 10 shot and I had 4-5.. Maybe coincidence
  14. 0-1 'Damn it!' 0-2 'I still can make it!' 0-3 'This is getting embarrassing' 0-4 'I can't wait for the final whistle' 0-5 'This is a horrible defeat' 0-6 'Oh come on!' 0-7 I woke up Hopefully you understand what I mean now
  15. This is very superficial question. If a continental level team plays with a continental level team high score defeats like this shouldnt happen like twice a year. Especially if you are playing with a national level team and much weaker side than your team. It is very simple. 8 shots 7 goals, 10 shots 7 goals eh?
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