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  1. Oops, kept thinking it was Gera. Gera must be the one doing a somersault on his ass then
  2. Oh ok, only memory is him putting on masks after scoring
  3. Wouldn't really trust the French police and their "arrests" either though
  4. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/international/bjork-on-her-way-to-fk-ronaldo-up-20160615109561 Bjork to the rescue!
  5. Hahaha, surprise surprise. Literally zero players from the lesser known countries. Having Cristiano the crybaby is an utter joke
  6. Couldn't you have remained banned kingrobbo?
  7. Possibly better in real life
  8. Like England being disqualified would solve anything hahaha
  9. Yikes. What a goal. Russia so static
  10. We face the top 3 teams of last season in the first 4 games... yikes. And then add another Chelsea on the 5th game
  11. Celebration of goals, team hugs, acknowledging fans after the game. Feels a lot more than usual
  12. All the money and trophies in the world truly can't buy class
  13. At least he managed to get the chances Lukaku didn't do anything
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