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  1. Come on, it's clearly down to the manager. It's god damn Roy Hodgson for goodness sakes
  2. Pity the rest of the Belgium team hasn't really been that good
  3. Is Modric playing tonight? Key decision whether to take Croatia
  4. Really should be giving yellows for diving if it isnt a foul
  5. Cmon an own goal deflection off Cristiano
  6. Not the first time De Gea seems to let in goals at the near post
  7. Cmon Hungary!!! I want to see Cristiano's tears!!! :D
  8. Opposition fans should just chant "You're no Messi" whenever Cristiano is going to take a fk
  9. Another masterclass freekick from Cristiano
  10. http://talksport.com/football/adam-lallana-backs-harry-kane-continue-englands-corner-taker-claiming-he-has-got
  11. [video=youtube_share;OtrxkHDjOhw]
  12. Until I found out it was by David Guetta then I felt a little dirty
  13. Or have the teams just been crap? Or have the supposed minnows been playing out of their skins?
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