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  1. I think a well done welcome back parade is quite called for Look at the Iceland one, that was awesome
  2. Tapped him on the shin, SEND HIM TO HOSPITAL NOW
  3. Interestingly, what was he even nominated for
  4. That Portugal lineup really pisses all over Wales's
  5. Don't think you will find any. Maybe except Messi haters
  6. Yup, they do great research at all times. Explains why Pepe got away with everything at the CL final CLEARLY
  7. When you have stupid referees that constantly let players like Pepe get away with murder, yes you have to remind them of it. I really don't understand how are you not getting this
  8. And by history I mean the last competitive game before the Euros started, not "8 years ago"
  9. Geezus. Pepe has a history of playacting. Pepe has a history of playacting without getting punished. Iceland manager reminds everyone of this fact. Is that enough context for you
  10. Without any reason. OMG, that article literally highlights EVERY of Pepe's playacting that he didn't get punish for.
  11. Says the guy who is defending a player who in the last competitive club game of 2016 basically does everything a professional football player shouldnt be doing. And yet tries to claim he is a role model. *guffaws*
  12. Nah, being a 5 year old is Pepe's specialty
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2016/may/29/why-it-is-time-football-introduced-the-pepe-rule 2016 is so 8 years ago. AWESOME ROLE MODEL that Pepe is
  14. Yeah, it makes more sense to headbutt players or boot them in the backs instead
  15. Don't forget the extra hour of admiring himself in the mirror. No one beats that for sure
  16. Just to add Pepe deserves to be booed all the time
  17. Ermm, Wales team is clearly built around JOE ALLEN
  18. If you are on the post, stay on the post. De Bruyne so toopid
  19. Cmon, Rashford comes on as FRESH LEGS AFTER 85 MINS, Iceland players had been busting a gut for 85 minutes, I think being out sprinted slightly by an 18 year old is hardly surprising.
  20. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/roy-hodgson-tries-act-he-got-plan-when-he-sees-himself-big-screen-5405605.html That's pretty funny
  21. Will still do better than any English manager available
  22. Must wish Alex Ferguson is English
  23. Full time footballers but playing for what clubs
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