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  1. Can't believe this is all they managed in the whole korea match. Even the pub I was in had better quality
  2. Didnt know Sweden were that injury prone
  3. How is that not a yellow against Son? Just for faking an injury?
  4. Any tips for Sweden South Korea anyone
  5. What's the use of VAR when Ronaldo can dive his way to a draw
  6. What's the difference? I point out you find it's mostly Man Utd fans who defend Cristiano on here, you come on here calling me a cretin. *rolleyes*
  7. Ermmm... already mentioned 43 freekick attempts with 0 goals.
  8. Is it a surprise it's Man Utd fans that stick up for Cristiano. While everyone else must be anti Utd for despising Cristiano's selfish antics.
  9. France were horrible. Face it, if it weren't for the stupid penalty and Neuer flapping, we would be sitting here praising Germany for their efficiency and control of the entire game
  10. I don't see how France did better with chances. How many saves did Neuer really have to make
  11. Can't believe he still played Bastian.
  12. but mainly cause to see more Cristiano outbursts
  13. Portugal Hungary made me stay home and watch it even though I was supposed to head out
  14. Griezmann looks like a rattier version of that Now You See Me actor
  15. Considering he has been one of their best players, guess not
  16. Griezmann's celebration is terrible
  17. Game over if that was anyone but Giroud
  18. Nothing wrong with celebrating for exceeding expectations
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