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  1. As mentioned before, penalty shootouts are a huge mental test for players, and definitely not much of lotteries

    Pretty good decider by testing how players deal under pressure and then there's also the keeper as well

    Not sure if anyone can find a video, but Emi Martinez mindgames and performance in the shootout vs Colombia was staggering

    Honestly never seen a keeper so damn overpowering in a shootout before


  2. 1 minute ago, InigoPatinkin said:

    Rashford at least sent the keeper the wrong way in fairness, Donnaruma didn't guess for Sancho and Saka, they were just poorly struck at a nice height. 

    I dunno, I kinda remember the slow motion replay, you can see Donnarumma already starts diving to his left while Saka is doing his run up before connecting with the ball

  3. Just now, EnterUsernameHere said:

    Btw, even taking out any emotional attachment to who won, that's the best Euros of my lifetime. Feeling a bit sad it's over now...

    I usually don't catch internationals besides supporting the underachievers, but I managed to catch almost every game for this one(except for a couple where I fell asleep)

    Think at least 80% of the matches were entertaining 👍

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