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  1. New Laptop on the weekend, HP Omen Windows 10. Had one night of playing FM on Saturday and ran fine. Yesterday however I received a crash dump when starting up FM. I have deleted the cache from in game, deleted the cache from the appdata folder, verified game on steam and also uninstalled and re-installed via steam. Tried again tonight, and issue still persists. Can't have FM open for longer than 5 minutes, whether I'm in a save, or just in the home screen. Attached 3 crash dumps, image and dxdiag. Cheers FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.26 23.28.14).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.27 22.11.17).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.27 22.28.16).dmp DxDiag_BKingsmill_271118.txt
  2. Stumbled across on my save Brazil playing Iran at the Emirates Stadium on my game. Only by the off chance did I notice this. Of course, this is a rare occurrence - and should only be for teams that are abroad and playing at your stadium. Examples like: Nigeria v Senegal in Barnet 2017, Brazil numerous times at the Emirates & Craven Cottage. Would be nice to see a little news item to say Brazil to play Finland at your stadium. Could it be down to the manager also to accept/reject this opportunity?
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