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  1. Players I can see why SPAL are struggling – the quality isn’t great, with Lazzari (a pacey WBR) and Petagna (a target man on loan from Atalanta) are probably our best players. We’re reasonable at central defence but lack any really wide quality on either flank either in midfield or defence, with the exception of Lazzari. In central midfield, we have an abundance of technical attacking midfield types but only one ball-winner in the shape of Everton Luiz. Kurtic looks like he’ll slot into a midfield slot as an all-action midfielder but is injured for the next few weeks. Looki
  2. Introduction (this can also be found on my blog at https://wordpress.com/view/fmmightyred.home.blog and I'll be posting updates via Twitter @FMMightyRed1) I’m not the best FM player by a long stretch, but I’ve been doing well with Liverpool and am starting to get bored. I don’t have enough time to do a long grind like dragging a club up from non-league so have been casting around for inspiration for something a little more challenging. I come up with the idea of holidaying until Christmas day and taking over at the club most rooted to the bottom of the league. I’m going
  3. My midfield looks like this LM = WM(s) MCL = CM(d) MCR = CM (auto) MR = WM (a) Theres a bit of hole between the AF(a) (playing on the right of the front two) and the MC behind him. I'm thinking this is to do with the CMs automatic duty. I really want him to get forward and help the AF(a) out, but concerned about leaving the other MC to do all the dirty work...
  4. Is an AF(a) incompatible with a counter-attacking system? I'm playing a counter-attacking 4-4-2 with Red Star (should walk the league - so trying to draw opponents out, underdog in Europe so trying to stay tight at the back). All is going OK at the moment using DLF(s) and AF(a) up front... apart from the AF(a) isn't getting many goals. I'm beginning to think that using the AF(a) is keeping the opposition pinned back so he's not able to exploit the space in behind (he's a classic Michael Owen, fast, good dribbler and finisher but not good at linking up). If I change his role to something
  5. Great thread - thanks for kicking it off Cleon! Quick question - would you change anything if you were playing as a top side? I'm trying to make a counter tactic work as Red Star (planning on getting them to win the CL for a second time!), my logic being that a) I never have truly brilliant players that will consistently unlock teams that like to sit deep so I need to try and draw the opposition out and b) I'm going to be outclassed in the CL so counter makes sense there ( plus by using the same system domestically and in CL I'm not asking the team to learn multiple tactics. Any thoughts m
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