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  1. had same issue on 10.4.5 on MacBook Pro 2013. changing to the beta seems to have worked tho'
  2. Players I can see why SPAL are struggling – the quality isn’t great, with Lazzari (a pacey WBR) and Petagna (a target man on loan from Atalanta) are probably our best players. We’re reasonable at central defence but lack any really wide quality on either flank either in midfield or defence, with the exception of Lazzari. In central midfield, we have an abundance of technical attacking midfield types but only one ball-winner in the shape of Everton Luiz. Kurtic looks like he’ll slot into a midfield slot as an all-action midfielder but is injured for the next few weeks. Looking through our U20s and U18s there’s no hidden gems, but I bring Campagna through from U18s to play as an inverted winger on the right. He’s only 16 so I’m not expecting him to be amazing but he’ll offer us a decent enough option. We do have enormous squads for both U18 and U20 so I’ll be looking to offload quite a lot of players so that we can increase the amount of playing time for those that look half decent which, admittedly, isn’t many. Tactics I’m going to plump for a 4-1-4-1, partly because it’s a robust shape and we need to stop conceding goals and also it’s simple enough to set-up. The idea is to use Petagna’s height up-front to bring the two wide midfielders into play as well as the full-backs. I’ll rely on the two centre-backs and a half-back dropping into defence to try and keep it tight at the back. I’m hoping that lack of truly wide players in Serie A lets us get forward without worrying too much about being attacked down the flanks. With many teams using wing-backs hopefully the attacking wide men keeps them occupied and deprives teams of width, forcing them into my defensive two and a half plus two central midfielders helping congest things. It doesn’t really suit our players (lack of wide men, and limited options for ball winners but I’m not the greatest tactically and setting-up something more complex with 2 or more AMCs is going to involve getting to know the players and tweaking PIs to really make it work – being so far away from safety, I really don’t have the luxury of 4 or 5 games to experiment if we’re going to survive at the end of the season. It’s very much a case of plugging players into a tactical framework rather than building something to the players – I may regret this but we’ll see! Finances I am surprised to see SPAL financially secure - £14M in the bank, £2M for transfers and about £18k under a $440k per week wage budget. Sweet. I had feared that I’d come into a club that is struggling, has inadequate players andhave financial worries where I need to sell players or at least have no transfer budget to play with. Bizarrely, our greatest sponsorship income is for our youth team – at more than double our 1stteam sponsorship. We do have a bunch of deals expiring at the end of this season so with a bit of luck we might get better deals if we can stay up. My contract runs until the end of next season – so if we get relegated, my challenge will be to get promoted (if I’m still in the job!). Fixtures My first 5 league games are not going to be easy, Roma clearly going to be the toughest ask and then Udinese, Lazio and Atalanta all being top half of the table (Lazio chasing Champions League places). There is opportunity though in the shape of a home game against fellow struggler Sassuolo.
  3. Introduction (this can also be found on my blog at https://wordpress.com/view/fmmightyred.home.blog and I'll be posting updates via Twitter @FMMightyRed1) I’m not the best FM player by a long stretch, but I’ve been doing well with Liverpool and am starting to get bored. I don’t have enough time to do a long grind like dragging a club up from non-league so have been casting around for inspiration for something a little more challenging. I come up with the idea of holidaying until Christmas day and taking over at the club most rooted to the bottom of the league. I’m going to create a profile of an international footballer to avoid the dynamics penalties of being an unknown manager – mentally, I’m setting this up as an ex-international looking for a job and a relegation team being desperate enough to take a punt. My self-imposed rules are to take over at the club furthers from safety in the top league for whatever nations I’m running, I can only stay at the club for the length of my initial contract (I want this to be a serial challenge – can I become a ‘fixer’ for relegation threatened teams). I use a holiday manager and wait for the English, Scottish, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese leagues to get to 25thDecember. I’m only interested in taking a job in the top tier of any of these nations – and I’ve got to take a job at the team that is most adrift. Looking around it’s SPAL in Serie A – 8 points from safety with just two wins in 17 games (all 15 other games are losses!). SPAL were promoted from Serie C at the end of the 15/16 season and then promoted straight to Serie A the season after – last season they very creditably managed to stay up finishing in 17th. After being founded in 1907, SPAL have competed in Serie A 23 times in their history with their best place being 5thin 1959-60 – also reaching Coppa Italia in 1962. More recently, the club went bankrupt in 2005 and 2012 – so has had a very turbulent time. I last played in Serie A in FM17 I think, and that was with AC Milan – so I’m not sure what has changed other than Juventus dominating and with the way the TV rights work in Italy and a stadium of just over 16,000, I don’t think the club will be generating lots of cash for me to buy my way to success. So, if we’re assuming 40 points is the magic number to stay up – I need 34 points from 21 games (average of 1.62 points per game). I take over and assess the situation.
  4. MacBook Pro 15inch late 2013 2GHz intel i7 8GB 1600MHz DDR2 Intel Iris Pro 1536MB Mojave 10.14 Running in windowed mode, Retina display Match engine very stuttery in both 2D and 3D, not noticeably worse when doing browsing etc... Seems to affecting things outside of ME too - processing during transfer windows slower and causes fans to spin-up (I know transfer windows are more intensive anyway, but never really had the fans spin-up outside of playing a match before)
  5. The ability to look at your teams performance with or without a specific player - e..g what is my teams average points per game, gas per game, passes per game with a player and then without.
  6. I always thought of it as being dependent on where your striker was coming from - if they're coming in at an angle, then get them to place shots. If they are coming in straight at the 'keeper then get them to blast the ball...
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I've reworked my 4-4-2 based on your suggestions, but I've abandoned my counter-mentality. I'm now working with a control mentality and a flexible shape, the 4-4-2 looks like this: GK(d) GK(d) DL - FB(d) DCL - DC(d) DCR - DC (d) DR - FB (d) ML - WM(a) MCL - BWM(d) MCR - DLP(s) MR - WM(a) STL - DLF(s) STR - CF(a) As a result, my wingers are now getting into the box and adding numbers to attacks, enabling us to break down opposition teams more consistently. Our goals scored has increased as a result, however we're now conceding more. My defence is fairly vanilla in terms of set-up so next step is to see if I can tweak it to be something a bit more layered to improve defence - maybe introduce a cover mentality to one of the central defenders.
  8. I'm looking for help with my 4-4-2 that I'm using with Red Star Belgrade. Background: We're the dominant team in the domestic league - so many teams come to park the bus. We're also competing in Europe, usually managing to get through to Champions League group phases. I'm about to enter my 4th season and I have built a reasonably strong squad that I think should meet expectations. Desired style of play: Given that domestically most teams will be parking the bus, and that I am considered cannon fodder in Europe - I'm trying to play a counter-attack style of play. Hoping to either draw lesser opponents out or catch superior teams on the break. Formation: I've gone for a 4-4-2 because it's a shape I'm familiar with, and I quite like playing with two forwards. Playing counter-attack with flexible shape. GK(d) DL - FB(s) DCL - DC© DCR - DC (s) DR - FB (s) ML - WM(s) MCL - CM(d) MCR - CM(s) MR - WM(a) STL - DF(d) STR - DLF (a) Both wide men are predominantly James Milner-type players - solid, hard-working and can put a tackle in. Are averagely good at getting forwards and crossing. The two CMs are also very strong defensively (positioning, marking, tackling), although the MCL is good at passing/creativity so acts as a DLP and the MCR is good at getting forwards (off the ball etc) No TIs/PIs except for the keeper to roll the ball out to DCs to preserve some possession. Problems: 1) neither striker is exactly banging in the goals - particularly the STR (DLF/a) 2) there seems to be a bit of a hole between the MCR (CM/s) and the SRT (DLF/a) 3) despite our domestic dominance, we're only usually beating teams by the odd goal (19 of 30 matches were won by an odd goal - e.g. 1-0, 2-1 etc). Observations: 1) most goals are placed shots from central positions (50 goals from 62) 2) most assists are crosses (22 from 62) 3) most assists come from the left wing (27 from 62). This is my rampaging left back - many offensive PPMs such as gets forward, runs down the left etc 4) possession tends to be OK - somewhere between 45-55% depending on the quality of the opposition (I'm OK with this given we're counter-attacking) Questions: 1) is a counter approach sensible given the situation my team normally finds itself? 2) are my roles OK - is there anything glaringly wrong? 3) how can I get my strikers to be more productive? 4) is my midfield too workmanlike? Have I overcompensated for the lack of numbers in midfield and should I have a more offensive player in here? Thanks anyone for help. I feel I've got this to an OK point - and that with a couple of tweaks the tactic can be more secure.
  9. My midfield looks like this LM = WM(s) MCL = CM(d) MCR = CM (auto) MR = WM (a) Theres a bit of hole between the AF(a) (playing on the right of the front two) and the MC behind him. I'm thinking this is to do with the CMs automatic duty. I really want him to get forward and help the AF(a) out, but concerned about leaving the other MC to do all the dirty work...
  10. Is an AF(a) incompatible with a counter-attacking system? I'm playing a counter-attacking 4-4-2 with Red Star (should walk the league - so trying to draw opponents out, underdog in Europe so trying to stay tight at the back). All is going OK at the moment using DLF(s) and AF(a) up front... apart from the AF(a) isn't getting many goals. I'm beginning to think that using the AF(a) is keeping the opposition pinned back so he's not able to exploit the space in behind (he's a classic Michael Owen, fast, good dribbler and finisher but not good at linking up). If I change his role to something a little less aggressive, maybe we'll be able to draw opponents out and he can then exploit the space. Any ideas?
  11. Great thread - thanks for kicking it off Cleon! Quick question - would you change anything if you were playing as a top side? I'm trying to make a counter tactic work as Red Star (planning on getting them to win the CL for a second time!), my logic being that a) I never have truly brilliant players that will consistently unlock teams that like to sit deep so I need to try and draw the opposition out and b) I'm going to be outclassed in the CL so counter makes sense there ( plus by using the same system domestically and in CL I'm not asking the team to learn multiple tactics. Any thoughts most welcome!
  12. Rashidi - do you use any tools to extract the data for your spreadsheets, or is it all manually cross-typed?
  13. I'm trying to make a 532 work with Liverpool - so I'd be interested! Struggling with the effects of a reputation rise....
  14. any update Ackter? Been following this with interest!
  15. May be just me - but the font of the players name when watching 3D appears different. Looks more clunky and harder to read. Playing on Mac Retina so it may be related to that...
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