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  1. Hi guys, im doing a Athletic Bilbao save and because i dont receice many scout reports i was trying to do the assignments myself! But i can't seem to find to add a filter realistic transfers or unrealistic transfers in the scouting assignments center Can someone help me?
  2. I never did tactics myself, but used some good ones over the net. I'm not into in a favorite formation. The only thing a watch out for is, don't want to sell Almiron en Maximin and I bought Olmo as AM, so I do thing my options are limited. Any suggestions for a formation and roles would be much appreciated. Could use some advice in the tactic centre.. Specific and detailed device welcome., style of play doesn't matter really. Just don't wanna sell the best Newcastle players. U did a NUFC save you said last year and u know the players very well so what do
  3. Hi mod, At first thanks for your reply. Secondly I must apologize it took me so long, just because I'm a weekend gamer, busy life... I send you my formation and the players I think are the best in that roles. I must confess I took my safe and did a lot of holiday modes with tactics I found on the net. Found a few good ones but none with an AM, because I bought Olmo of Zagreb and Morelos of Rangers.
  4. Hi guys, A little help would be much appreciated. I need a 4231 for Newcastle to play with without being sacked before the end of the season. I tried a 4231 gegenpress but sacked in January and 15th place. After 10 games I was 20th in the league. Was hoping for 1 to challenge for the top 6
  5. I guess I am wrong. Thanks for the info
  6. Is there a way to transfer players from dnipro academy football club to dnipro 1?
  7. Hi, I just want to ask is it normal that Si put Dnipro in the highest division of Ukraine. Because what I know they had to start at lower Ukrainian league. Somebody more info about this?
  8. Hi Smurf, is this a good one to play fm19 Laptop MSI GL73 8RC 013BE Core i7 8750H / 2.2 GHz (latest Intel Core i7 processor) Windows 10 Home 8 GB RAM 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD (SSD en HD) 17.3" 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 802.11ac, Bluetooth black kbd: Belgium AZERty Add Attachment:
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