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  1. Wow, finally. It works! Thank you, very much appreciated. Time to get playing! Just awesome.
  2. The game installs on Vista compatibility The game will install correctly by the looks of it. It won't open to play the game, even with running as administrator I get a compatibility message to troubleshoot it It's a laptop that isn't a year old yet and its up to date all the time I installed java too No third party applications or anything Have tried without antivirus on I did try windowed mode Just won't play or open I even copied the files over from the CD when installing and installed by running as administrator.
  3. Hey guys, I am trying to play Football Manager 2007 on my windows 10 pc but it will not work at all. I know alot of it is down to compatibility settings but I have literally tried all of them. Its by far the best one and there must be a way of playing it without installing an older version of windows. I am not very hopeful but if I find a way to play this I will be so pleased, may even go a far as £20 to whoever can get it playing on Windows 10. Any help or guidance or fix will all be appreciated!
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